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Tips For Growing Lilly Pilly Indoors

Tips For Growing Lilly Pilly Indoors

Usually, small plants with thicker & shiny leaves make decent indoor plants. If you’re planning to buy some indoor plants, choose plants online that are dense, dark, and with waxy green foliage. Not only does it add a touch of lushness to your indoor styling needs, it also helps purify the indoor air. Having said that, here in this blog, we’re going to tell you some useful tips to grow Aussie’s favourite Lilly Pilly as an indoor plant. Let’s get started.


Lilly Pilly 


When it comes to choosing indoor plants, Lilly Pillies are Australians favourite and you can find them almost in every Aussie’s Backyard. They are super fast growing with bright red leaves and pink fruits. Though they are perfect for screen beds and landscaping, they are also suitable for the fully shaded conditions of a living room, bedroom or home office. It produces attractive red and bright green foliage. They won’t produce fruit and flower immediately; but their roots will keep on growing provided they get enough water and supplements.


If you’re planning to keep Lilly Pilly as an indoor plant, here are some tips to follow.

  • Use a potting mix to ensure they are in the right texture and adequate drainage for indoor growing and avoid using compost or manure in the pot.

  • While watering, don’t let your potting mix submerged in a complete tray of water. By draining the water, you can prevent the potting mix from breaking down and easily avoid the growth of fungal infection.

  • To ensure that your plant is well-drained, keep the plant outside and let it drain before you bring them back to your room.

  • Just like ornamental plants, you must wipe the Lilly Pillies every few weeks to remove the dust accumulated on them.

  • Sometimes indoor plants fade or look pale due to the dry air from an air-conditioned environment. This applies to Lilly Pilly as well. If you find them looking dry or dull, grab a spray bottle and sprinkle the leaves now and then.



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Bottom Line

If you’re planning to buy Lilly Pilly plants online with some popular varieties, visit Online Plants today.

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