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Why Lilly Pilly Resilience Is Best For Hedging?
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Why Lilly Pilly Resilience Is Best For Hedging?

“Lilly Pilly Resilience” is a popular Australian native known for its resilience against Psyllid pests and other common pest issues and diseases. These are an excellent choice for noise control and act as a screen bed or hedges for your yard. If privacy or noise cancellation is a concern, having a Lilly Pilly screen hedge is helpful. There are many other varieties like Lilly Pilly Cascade and Backyard Bliss Lilly Pilly that are also ideal for hedging because of their dense growth and lush green foliage. If you are here to know more about Lilly Pilly Resiliencelet’s get started.


This variety is known for its fast-growing nature and is clipped frequently to form a dense hedge or screen bed. You can prune lightly to ensure a thick and compact growth. When they are fully grown, they give a unique and uniform look to your landscape.


These are hardly plants that are drought tolerant and can thrive well in full sun. They can grow in shade as well. However, they look better and healthy when grown in full sun. 

Soil Preferences

They require rich and well-fertilised soil to grow. The soil needs to be moist and well-drained and shouldn’t be soggy or water-logged as the roots rot faster.

Noise Pollutions

If your house is in an urban area with constant traffic sounds and noises disturbing you, establishing a Lilly Pilly hedge or screen bed will help control the noise. 


If you feel there’s a lack of privacy in your neighborhood, these are superb choices for privacy concerns. You can buy Syzygium Australe Lilly Pilly from the plant nursery in Melbourne, get the help of a local gardening expert to plant them in your backyard bliss, and grow them as a screen bed or hedge to achieve the screen you want. When it's thicker, you can get more privacy and control noise pollution from entering your home.

Check out our huge range of plants now and get your garden growing!

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  4. Acmena Firescreen


There’s a lot to love about this plant and if you are on the market to buy this plant, visit Online Plants today.

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