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Perennial Flowering Shrubs To Grow In 2023
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Perennial Flowering Shrubs To Grow In 2023

Flowering perennial shrubs are the backbone of any garden. They improve the curb appeal of your garden with colours and fragrances and attract pollinators and wildlife to your garden. If you want your garden with a structure or privacy or noise control, plant perennial flowering shrubs. To check the best perennials, look for reliable plant nurseries online or visit a plant nursery directly for more colourful varieties. In today’s blog, we have picked up the best perennial flowering shrubs that add aesthetics to your garden and keep your garden looking colourful all year long. Let’s check them out!


Westringia is an Australian native shrub that is hardy and highly tolerant of all climates. Their flowers come in white, lavender, and grey. It varies from species to species. From ground covers to bushy shrubs and hedges, these versatile shrubs can thrive well with minimal maintenance.

 Butterfly Bush

If you want hummingbirds or butterflies to visit your garden, the butterfly bush is a deciduous shrub that's low-maintenance. They give rise to beautiful flower spikes that attract pollinators, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The blooms come in white, pink, red, or purple.


Agapanthus is a perennial flowering shrub with trumpet-like flowers in shades of blue or white. These are also called “Lily Of The Nile”. They are drought-tolerant and prefer well-drained soil and full sun to thrive well. They bloom from mid-summer to early autumn, and their flowers come in blue, purple, and white.

 English Lavender

English Lavender is an evergreen perennial shrub that is low-maintenance and looks like baby breath. With perfectly well-drained soil and full sun, these give rise to beautiful blooms.

 Port Wine Magnolia

Port Wine Magnolia is a hybrid flowering shrub; widely preferred by gardeners for its resistance to pests and plant diseases. They produce reddish-purple blooms with a heady fragrance and are suitable for hedging and screen beds.

 If you want to buy all the shrub varieties we mentioned, visit Online Plants today!

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