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Plant Pyrus Calleryana Capital, Ornamental Pear In Your Garden – Here’s Why?

Plant Pyrus Calleryana Capital, Ornamental Pear In Your Garden – Here’s Why?

If you want to grow a beautiful and showy ornamental tree, you can go for Pyrus Calleryana Capital - Ornamental Pear Tree. These are medium-sized deciduous trees that will grace any garden with their bright white flowers, and silver and green foliage. They change their foliage colours into crimson red, orange, and purple during autumn and produce white flowers and fruits in spring. If you have a small space and need a hedging tree that grows narrow and upright, introducing this “Pyrus Calleryana Capital Pear Tree” variety can be the best option.


We call this tree an all-rounder due to its ability to withstand drought, heat, and pollution. However, they need to be mulched to prevent the roots from drying.

Perfect For Tight Spaces

As we mentioned already, these are a good pick for tight spaces like narrow medians, driveways, front yards and backyards, car parking, and restricted areas. You can plant them in your garden for landscaping. As an accent tree, it can make your garden look attractive. These can grow up to 10m tall and 3 m wide.

Position And Soil

They prefer rich and well-drained soil to thrive well. Plant them in a position where they can receive full sun as it helps them to grow healthy and fast.


These are widely used in street parks, driveways, and public gardens but can also beautify your garden.

Flowers And Fruits

If you have an eye for décor, you can use the five-petaled creamy-white flowers and silver foliage to decorate the corners of your home. However, their fruits are for wildlife and not edible for our consumption, and good to leave them for wildlife.

If you want to enjoy real edible pear trees, check with e-commerce plant nurseries in Melbourne like Online Plants. Also, check for bottle brushpittosporumLilly Pilly and much more at the best price. To order plants online, call Online Plants at 0394241946 today.

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