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Interesting Facts About Lilly Pilly You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Lilly Pilly You Should Know

Lilly Pilly is a native Australian shrub used for hedging and landscaping and best for privacy. However, did you know that Lilly Pilly fruits have become a super-food? Yes. Recent research says that Lilly Pilly’s pink fruits are edible and can be consumed and they’re called power fruits. They have high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids that everyone needs. So, if you’re growing Lilly Pilly tree at home, make sure to use these super foods on your daily diet. As there are many varieties of Lilly Pilly, ensure to pick the ever-green tree variety that produces beautiful pink-purple berry fruits. It’s best to buy them from plant nurseries in Melbourne or order from online plant nurseries to get it delivered.

  • If you’re someone who wants to eat healthily and maintain, these can be consumed directly or used in fresh salads. They have a sour-sweet taste, which makes it perfect for some green salads as well. 

  • This bushy native shrub fills the air with a clove-like fragrance.

  • Some native Australians have used Lilly Pilly for its anti-bacterial and healing properties. More than just shading in your garden, it benefits the skin.

  • Fondly known as "Monkey Apple", this super-food contains vitamin C and essential fruit acids, makes it great for anti-ageing.

  • It has numerous skin benefits and extraordinary levels of antioxidants & Vitamin C. So, many organic cosmetic brands use this fruit to create face masks and skincare essentials. From hand creams to hydrating moisturisers, and brightening face serums, the list goes on.

  • The best part of having Lilly Pilly is, they require less maintenance and can offer a great share of privacy with its bushy structure. 


More than its appeal, it is a healthy super-food. So, why wait? Buy Lilly Pilly plants online from Online Plants today.

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