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How to Plant, Grow and Take Care of Bird of Paradise?

How to Plant, Grow and Take Care of Bird of Paradise?

This plant, also known as Strelizia, is herbaceous and produces conspicuous flowers. These flowers look like tropical birds. The flowers are also designed to be pollinated by birds. These plants are a vigorous and rapidly growing species. Their leaves are lifelong. They are popular due to their little demand for maintenance. They are also good at recovering from different gardening problems.

The Strelitzia Bird of Paradise, come in three varieties. The reginae, which is the most common and widely planted variety with the flowers snuggled within the large leaves. The Strelitzia Juncea Narrow Bird of Paradise is known for its ability to resist drought. It has thin leaves that appear spear-like. The large-sized Strelitzia Nicolai Giant Bird of Paradise may have white or purple flowers.

Growing the birds of paradise is very easy. They thrive best in the full sun. However, they can also grow in the shade. If you are to grow them in the shade, you should make sure that they receive at least six sunlight hours daily. Occasional watering is essential so that they can flourish best. Fertilizer can be added during spring or summer. For even lower maintenance, you can grow them together. Although the indoor variety does not thrive as well as the outdoor one, they can be grown successfully indoors with some direct sunlight

Varieties: Strelitzia Bird of ParadiseStrelitzia Juncea Narrow Bird of Paradise & Strelitzia Nicolai Giant Bird of Paradise

If you do not have the plant in your garden you can always buy at Online Plants as we have a wide selection of plants, a more comfortable and more convenient way. Not only is the plant so easy to grow, but they also have a facile care routine too. You must treat the plant with insecticide when pests attack it and increase the amount of light exposure whenever the leaves start yellowing. You can also leech the soil occasionally for mineral build-up. This exotic plant will make a difference in your home; you should consider it.

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