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How To Grow Kangaroo Paw?

How To Grow Kangaroo Paw?

Kangaroo paw – Anigozanthos Flavidus is a beautiful ornamental plant and perennial herb, that’s admired by gardeners and plant nurseries in Melbourne for its unique tubular flowers and clusters, which resemble kangaroo paws. It produces flowers that come in yellow, green, hot pink, crimson-red, white, and purple. These are pollen-free, have long-bloom times, and are low-maintenance and hardy. They can be grown on the ground or as a container plant. If you plan to grow Kangaroo paws in your home, here are the things you should know.


Kangaroo Paws require full sun for at least 5-6 hours a day for healthy growth. They can tolerate any weather condition except frost. If you live in a cooler climate, keep the pots inside your home. They can withstand any intense temperature but not snow.


The Kangaroo paw plant grows well in most soil conditions as long as the soil drains well. If the soil is soggy or overwatered, the roots inside will rot soon. So you need to check the top two layers before watering. If it’s wet, you don’t have to water them again.


Kangaroo paws are drought-tolerant. However, In spring and summer, they may require additional watering to produce the best blooms and growth. Do not over-water the soil. Check before watering. 

Temperature And Humidity

They are hardy and drought-tolerant and can be grown in different climate conditions. Some species can tolerate humidity too. Pick the variety from the online plants nursery suitable for your region.


They grow well in most soils that drain well and don’t require fertilisers or compost. However, before spring arrives, add a cup of organic compost to promote healthy growth.

If you have been searching how to grow Kangaroo Paw, these are the must-follow requirements. As they are a low-maintenance flowering plant with no pest issues or diseases, they can be grown easily. There are also similar varieties like

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and more. While you shop for Kangaroo Paws for your home garden, visit Online Plants today.

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