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How to Grow & Care Hebe Plants
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How to Grow & Care Hebe Plants

If you are looking for easy plants to grow, Hebe Plants should be among your options. Although they prefer the sun, they can as well be grown in the shade. Regions that have cool summers and mild winters are suitable for their growth. They can tolerate full sun throughout the year. However, when subjected to very low light condition, they can be sluggish and may not flower at all. It should be planted with a depth corresponding to the pot they came in. They can also be grown in these containers without necessarily planting them in open ground. Being a great enemy of sitting in puddles of water, the plant will thrive in well-drained soils.

Caring for the Hebe plant

You should water your plant regularly, not only Hebes. In harsh environmental conditions such as extreme sunlight, you should protect it with straw mulch. After its fast establishment in the soil, this plant does not require a lot of care. However, a little effort in taking care of it is recommended. For example, applying a little bit of fertilizer in late winter is important. This is its time for new growths, and it ensures that these new plants have the essential nutrients needed for their germination. The plant can be pruned too and the best time for this is just after flowering. Renovating and reducing is also done before new growths begin where deadheads (old flowers) are removed. For better plants, you can cut off the damaged old wood and the straggly extensions. When it is flowering, you are supposed to give it water that has plant food at least once a week.

Buying from Online Plants gives you a variety to choose from. Hebes, for instance, has a selection of outstanding species, easily accessible through online platforms. You can then conveniently select the one that suits your requirements from the wide range at the comfort of your home.

Varieties Of Hebe Plants: Hebe Buxifolia, Hebe Emerald Green, Hebe Icing Sugar, Hebe Lemon and Lime, Hebe Snowdrift, Hebe Wiri Cloud, Hebe Wiri Image, Hebe Abbey Rose, Hebe Inspiration, Hebe Pretty in Pink, Hebe Annies Winter Wonder, Hebe Sunset Boulevard

Growing and taking care of this shrub plant requires simple techniques. We are not the only ones who like Hebes; they are attractive to butterflies and bees. It also mixes well with other plants giving your garden that appealing touch.    

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