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How To Choose The Right Plant At A Nursery?

How To Choose The Right Plant At A Nursery?

Are you planning to buy new plants? Well, buying new flowering plants for your garden would be exciting. However, when you're buying plants from an online plant nursery melbourne, you need to be smart in filling your cart with colourful blooms. Spending a few extra minutes to have a closer look at what you’re buying can save you from disappointments when you get them home. So, here are a few tips to choose the right plant when you visit a plant nursery melbourne.


Choose Leafier Plants

It may be tempting to buy plants already loaded with colourful blooms, but when you're looking to get a specific bloom, buy them much earlier even before they start to bud. It is good to buy leafy plants until you can see the blooms for yourself.


Visit Often

If you visit the nursery only once a year, probably, you'll end up buying the late-spring or early-summer plants. But, if you want to buy a healthy, well-maintained flower plant, look for nurseries and garden centres that provide regular deliveries of new plants. You can visit them throughout the growing season. The new stock will regularly be watered and nurtured by the plant growers. So, when you buy those fresh new stock, it will be easier for you to settle them in no time.


Examine Closely

When you’re selecting the plants you want, you must give them a close look to make sure they are healthy and fresh. You should buy only the plants that are bushy, well-branched with strong & sturdy stems, and healthy-looking. Also, while examining the plants, see if they have any yellowish leaves, dark or pale spots on the stems or holes in the leaves because these can be symptoms of bacterial or fungal diseases.

Go For Best Deals

If the nursery offers crowded pots with different flowering plants, it can be a good deal to go for. So, you will have more plants where you can divide each of them carefully and will end up having numerous flowering plants at just a single price.

Over To You

If you want to explore a plant nursery near me across melbourne,  you can visit Online Plants today. 

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