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How To Build Your Own Flower Garden?
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How To Build Your Own Flower Garden?

If you have been dreaming of having a stunning flower garden, now is the right time to make it happen. While building your own flower garden design is both fun and rewarding, there are certain things that you should consider before you start.

Get To Know Your Garden:

The first step in creating a perfect flower garden is to get acquainted with your land’s traits. Send your soil to a testing lab and learn what flower plants can grow well in that condition. Also, be honest with the moisture conditions, light and the topography of your area.

Select The Right Plants:

Before you select plants for your garden, you must do a lot of homework. Learning about the specific requirements of plants will help ensuring that you choose the right plants for your location. Also consider how much work you can put into your garden. For instance, if you choose annuals, you should plant them each year. On the other hand, perennials come back every year and you don’t want them to plant again.

Planting Your Flowers:

If you are about to plant, add some time-release fertiliser to the soil. Now, dig holes just large enough to place the roots of each plant along with the soil in the ground. Then, pat the soil down and water the plants thoroughly. When you first put the plants in the ground, you should water them at least every alternate day. Once they have started to grow, you can water them as needed.

Where To Buy Plants?

So, you have learnt how to build your own garden. Well, where will you be buying plants for your garden? If you are based in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory or South Australia, you can buy plants online from Online Plants! As a leading online plant nursery Melbourne, we stock and supply a large variety of plants across Australia.

We also have a dedicated garden design team who can help you with establishing a beautiful garden in your backyard. Our australian plants online experts provide valuable recommendations as well as gardening accessories like garden lime, fertiliser, fungicides, organic plant food, etc. at competitive prices. For any questions you may have, feel free to email your concerns to us.  

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