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Create Hedges With Pittosporum Silver Sheen - Here's Why?
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Create Hedges With Pittosporum Silver Sheen - Here's Why?

"Pittosporum Silver Sheen” is a beautiful evergreen shrub perfect for hedging and screening uses. Their leaves are silvery and even shimmer in the sunlight like jade plants. The best part of growing this shrub is it can be pruned to form any desired topiary, hedge, or screen bed and even grown as a container plant. When growing “Pittosporum Tenuifolium” as a single plant, ensure not to prune them too much. If you want to buy this hedging plant, look for plant nurseries online like Online Plants. You can even try getting good-quality Pittosporum in Bunnings. In today’s blog, let’s learn how to care for them.

These are drought-resistant

Pittosporum Silver Sheen shrubs are sturdy, reliable, low-maintenance plants that grow up to 5 meters tall. It's one of the densest and tallest shrubs you can grow in your yard.


They grow well in full sun and partly in shady areas.

Soil Preferences

These are hardy plants and can grow well in well-drained soils but require adequate water when established. You can water them twice or thrice and ensure it is moist and not soggy. If the soil is too wet, the roots may rot soon. Feed them with organic compost during spring to stimulate their growth. They even grow well in coastal areas. As they grow quickly, you should clip the pittosporum hedge often to keep them in proper shape.

Great For Hedges

When you need a dense and fast-growing Australian hedgethese shrubs are a great option for your privacy needs. Their fast-growing bush and silver leaves make them the go-to plant for many gardeners.

Over To You

Whether as a hedge or a screen bed, these shrubs can make your yard look green. If you are looking to buy this plant, ask your plant nursery shop for the variety best suited to your area and landscape. For the best varieties at an affordable price, visit Online Plants today.

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