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Tips To Grow Your Lavender – Find Out!
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Tips To Grow Your Lavender – Find Out!

If you are a flower lover, you can’t deny the charming beauty of lavenders. But is it possible to grow them at your home? The answer is yes!  You can grow them in pots and enjoy their fragrant and luxurious flowers indoors. However, there will be a few challenges you need to tackle to enjoy its fullest growth and pretty blooms. If you have already bought a lavender plant from an online plant nursery in Melbourne or planning to buy one, here are the tips you must follow to help them grow healthy.

Placement Of The Pot

It’s best to keep the lavender pot in full sunlight as it requires maximum light and air to thrive well. You must change the pot every week. Also, don't keep the pot in direct sunlight or windy area as it may affect them.


Lavenders are gorgeous ornamental plants that require wet soil to grow. If you are watering daily, check the soil to see if it’s moist and not drenched. The soil should be mildly dry and wet inside. However, do not let them go completely dry. If you are keeping them outdoors, check the soil by feeling it with your finger, and water them when necessary.


As you know, tip pruning the branches will induce new growth and promote bushiness. But you need to realise that flowers grow at the branch tips; you should not prune too much as it will affect the flowering.


You can use an all-purpose and water-soluble fertiliser to help them grow in good condition. Ask the plant nursery or online to get the best fertiliser and use it every four weeks to ensure maximum growth and efficiency.


Repot with brand-new soil to stimulate fast growth. Use good-quality soil to help induce growth to its maximum potential.

By following these tips, you can ensure your lavender plant grows healthy. If you are looking for an ornamental plant or indoor plants, buy from Online Plants in Melbourne. To pick the best indoor plants, call us today.

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