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How To Grow And Care Snowball Bush?
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How To Grow And Care Snowball Bush?

Are you looking to border your garden with a spectacular plant? Then, this Viburnum Opulus Snowball is a small bush tree that satisfies your aesthetic desires. Commonly known as Snowball Bush, this small bush tree is the best ornamental dwarf tree you can count on. You can buy it from an online plant nursery in Melbourne and can be planted during the spring season.


  • They are easy to care for and maintain and make a great focal point for the center of a large garden or the corner of a foundation planting. It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant for its flowers and berries. Being semi-evergreen, its flowers create a beautiful spring and fall display in any landscape.

  • Snowball flowers look like hydrangeas, but are quite different from them.

  • They can thrive well in full to partial sun and can even withstand drought. If you expect long-lasting flowers in a short time, these are the best pick. They will give out flowers in a week. When planting them, make sure they get enough sunlight at least for four hours to make them thrive well.

  • Their flowers and berries are non-toxic just like magnolias. Though they are non-toxic, you shouldn’t consume the berries. They are ornamental plants and are just spectacular to watch.

  • When you plant them, make sure the soil is wet and gets enough light, it helps them to grow well.  You can even use organic compost or fertilizer to get good-quality flowers. The good news is that they are frost tolerant. So you can enjoy blooms in all seasons, especially during the spring.

  • The plant produces pure white flowers that are slightly perfumed and look like snowballs, flowering from the end of winter to summer.

  • Their flowers and cut stems make wonderful indoor flower arrangements.

  • These hardy plants are easy to grow and tolerate most soil types. Blooms last for around five weeks before falling to the ground petal by petal, resembling snowfall and that’s why they are called Snowball Bush.

So, if you are planning to get them for your garden, visit Online Plants Today! CALL @ 0394241946

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