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Glorify Your Garden With The Magnificent Grevillea

Glorify Your Garden With The Magnificent Grevillea

Want to add colour and glory to your garden? Or looking to add personal touch to your courtyard? When it comes to choosing plants for your garden, you will be spoilt for choices. However, picking up the native plants are always a smart move. With more than 350 species to choose from, Grevillea will certainly be a perfect addition to your garden. They differ in shape, size and the colour of the flowers, and are found in temperate and subtropical regions. These plants are so versatile that they can be cultivated for windbreak, ground cover, screening and hedge.

Leaves And Flowers:

Depending on the species, Grevillea can give rise to large - broad leaves, small – needle-like leaves or feathery fern-like leaves. They produce orange, yellow or red-coloured flowers in elongated or roundish clusters. Every single flower is composed of colourful sepals with both the types of reproductive organs. Packed with nectar, flowers attract birds and facilitate pollination.

Fruits And Seeds:

The fruits of grevillea are usually shell-like follicle and are filled with one or two seeds. The ripened fruits split to release the seeds. The interesting fact is that the seeds of grevillea are light-weight and feature wings that help in dispersal by wind.

Uses of Grevillea:

  • Flowers of Grevillea serve as a significant source of nectar, especially for honeybees.
  • Nectar from certain species can even be consumed by humans.
  • Woods of grevillea are used for making fences, veneer, furniture, cabinets and guitars.
  • Grevillea serve the purposes of screening, hedging, ground cover and windbreak.

Features Of Grevillea:

  • Grow to a height of 20 inches to 115 feet tall and 25 feet wide.
  • Grow well in most climates
  • Tolerant to cold and frost.
  • Need shelter from strong winds
  • Can be planted in full-sun
  • Prefer well-drained soils
  • When young, it has to be watered twice a week
  • Mulching and pruning required to retain their attractiveness.

Popular Varieties:

Grevillea MoonlightGrevillea Apricot Glow, Grevillea Bonfire, Grevillea Ground Cover, Grevillea Rosmarinifolia, Grevillea Forest Rambler, Grevillea Olivacea, Grevillea Coconut IceGrevillea FireworksGrevillea Copper CrestGrevillea Clearview David, Grevillea Canterbury Gold, Grevillea Barklyana Gully, Grevillea Bonnie Prince CharlesGrevillea Deua Flame, Grevillea Endlicheriana Spindly, Grevillea IvanhoeGrevillea Gaudi Chaudii

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