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Gardening Guide For Growing Lilly Pilly

Gardening Guide For Growing Lilly Pilly

So, you have decided to buy lilly pilly plants for your garden. Well, you have made a better decision. Lilly Pilly is one of the most popular native plants with a unique sultry look and sleek green adult leaves. The foliage is usually dense whereas the leaves are oval shaped with a distinct drip-tip characteristics. While there are several variations in the colour of new foliage, vibrant pinks, fiery oranges and bright reds are common. Flowers are very showy and resemble powder-puff. They give rise to colourful berries which are known to have numerous health benefits. 

Being versatile, lilly pillies range from small shrubs to large trees, and grow from 75cm to 30m tall, making them ideal for hedging and screening. Like other plant species, Lilly Pillies do need some care and maintenance for proper growth. We have listed some vital information on planting and caring for lilly pillies. 

Planting Lilly Pillies:

Lilly Pillies can withstand full sun or shade and grow in a wide range of soils. Though they are a drought-tolerant, as long as they get more water, sun and nutrient rich soil, they grow much faster.  

  • Choose a sunny position
  • Provide a little shelter for young plants
  • Protect them from biting cold winds and hard frost
  • Water them regularly until established

Fertilising Lilly Pillies:

To accelerate the growth of young plants, providing proper nourishment is essential. Applying compost, manure or an organic pelletised fertiliser in spring, summer and autumn will encourage their growth. Once established, it is enough to fertilise trees and hedges in spring and autumn. 


Large species naturally grow in a nice shape and do not need pruning. Pruning the tips of small shrub varieties facilitates bushy growth. For hedges, prune the tip and sides regularly to stimulate dense growth from the bottom all the way up. 

Pest & Diseases:

The most common pest problems and diseases that lilly pillies susceptible to are: 

  • Psyllids
  • Aphids
  • Mites
  • Sooty Mould
  • Mealy bugs
  • Ants
  • Beetle

Top Varieties:

Where To Buy Lilly Pilly?

You can buy lilly pilly plants online at Online Plants – a leading plant nursery Melbourne. For more information on how to grow and take care of these plants, call and discuss with our garden consultation experts.  

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