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Fragrant Flowering Plants
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Fragrant Flowering Plants

When it comes to gardenia, there are many different varieties of this flower. In fact, there are 250 different species of Gardenia Genus. These plants typically originated from Africa or Asia. People love this plant because of the beautiful flowers that it produces. 

The flowers are white or yellow and bloom in spring, summer, and fall. The fruit of the flower is used in making yellow dye. The flower is also popular in Chinese medicine, especially in treating the flu. When people think of Gardenias, they usually envision the lovely flowery fragrance. This fragrance is also popular in making tea smell good. 

When you buy these plants online from Online Plants, you probably will have some questions about taking care of them. You can plant them in rows in your garden easily. Because they have evergreen leaves, they are quite hardy. You can even make them into hedges. Place them in the sun or partially shaded areas. If there is a frost, then you need to protect them. You can aim to water them twice a week. You will also need to protect them with Pest Oil or Eco Oil. They tend to thrive in fertilizer. 

Varieties: Gardenia RadicansGardenia Aimee YoshibaGardenia Florida, Gardenia Florida, Gardenia Golden MagicGardenia MagnificaGardenia Ocean PearlGardenia Professor Pucci

These flowers look beautiful in the home too. They are delicate though, so if you're picking them, be careful not to touch the actual flower. They will look great in a vase and make your room smell delightful. 

Gardenia Radicans have the small fragrant white flowers. These flowers are also superb in pots or baskets. Gardenia Augusta start out white and turn yellow with age. They work well along the coat and in the mountains for growing. 

With plants online, you can choose the best garden possible. Make sure to choose Gardenia and add in some Banksia too as these are healthy flowering plants that promote a healthy garden. 

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