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Create A Natural Fence With Pencil Pine

Create A Natural Fence With Pencil Pine

Natural fences look elegant but time-consuming. With so many natural fencing options, you must choose the plan that suits your soil and budget. That being said, Pencil Pine trees fondly known as Pencil Pine is a good option to go for. From a pot plant to a tall tree, it can give your front yard a denser look with its spiral leaves. Being a coniferous tree, it is preferred for fencing, barriers, landscapes, boundaries, and even hedges. Regular pruning would keep them small. If you ever visited a plant nursery Melbourne or explore plants online, Pencil Pine tops the list for fencing and featuring lining walls.


When your outdoor need off-screen protection, or you simply want to beautify your driveway, pencil pine trees are the best option, it accentuates style and covers even an ugly space with its beautiful and dense foliage.


  • This Australian native thrives well in all types of severe climatic zones and can even bear drought conditions. It makes a perfect pick for creating plant boundaries.

  • It is a deciduous tree with dense foliage and standing tall, loves to stand proud in full sun.

  • For any fencing plant, ensure the soil is rich. This applies to Pencil Pine as well; it grows well in manure rich soil.

  • By keeping organic mulch will help the soil to balance its moisture level and help improve the soil’s fertility.

  • It works well within your budget and won’t demand too much care. It is the best pick where the space is limited.

  • It is cost-effective and a low maintenance tree, you can grow them as per your specification. Regular trimming or pruning would keep them in perfect shape and can grow well even in tight spaces.

  • They are less susceptible to fungal attacks makes it a stress-free option.

Varieties of Pencil Pine:

Cupressus Sempervirens Glauca Pencil PineCupressus Swanes Golden Pencil Pine


Thinking where to buy? Well, Online Plants have amazing varieties of Pencil Pine, order your plant, and create a beautiful fence with Pencil pines. Explore now.

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