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Create A Garden With These Australian Natives

Create A Garden With These Australian Natives

Now, you can also create a beautiful meadow effect with Australian Native Plants. The good thing about them is that they can fit into any style of your garden and never fails to attract the crowd. Most importantly, they are easy to maintain, stand up to any climatic conditions, and attract birds and pollinators.  


Before creating a native garden, you need to see whether these natives suit your location and tolerate the climatic conditions.


Many people would assume that Australian Natives do not need care at all. It’s not true. A little pruning once in a while will help them flower well and also leads to better growth. If you are confused in selecting the right Australian native plant, make a trip to a plant nursery melbourne near you or explore plants online nurseries to find your favouriteIt would be a great start.


Here, we have listed three common Australian Native Plants that will grace your garden with its unique charm.


Have You Ever Seen this Beautiful Yellow Ball-Like Flowers on the Way to Your Home? 


Fondly known as Acacia Longifolia Sydney Golden Wattle. Acacia is popular among gardeners and it is Australia’s Floral Emblem. Its bright yellow flowers would leave no stone unturned. It looks spectacular in full bloom and also withstands any type of climate change. It requires less water and hence prefers to grow well in part to full sun. You can even get the seeds online or from the plant nursery to grow.


The second most beautiful Australian’s favourite native plant is Telopea Gembrook Waratah (Telopea Speciosissima). Admired for its fiery red colour and leaf-like red braids around them, this flower has a large head, which makes it look attractive. It is the floral emblem of New South Wales. This plant performs well in cooler climates and hence prefers to be in shady areas. 


Provided there is good drainage in the soil, this Australian Native survives well. When you maintain properly with routine care, it will provide you with amazing flowers and grow healthy. However, it depends on your location, if your garden is prone to pests and diseases, then you will have a hard time maintaining this plant.


Third popular Australian Native Climber is Pandorea Pandorana Alba. It will beautify your lattice and your pergolas. This creeper plant will steal attention with its trumpet-like flowers. These might require little pruning after flowering, and when you do it right, these will grace your lattice or pergola with beautiful flowers.


Varieties: Casuarina River She-OakAcacia Boormanii, Snowy River Wattle, Acacia Myrtifolia, Myrtle Wattle, Acacia Mini CogAcacia Pycnantha Golden WattleAnigozanthos Big RedAnigozanthos Bush Bonanza Kangaroo PawAnigozanthos Bush Pearl Kangaroo PawAnigozanthos Bush Volcano Kangaroo PawAnigozanthos Flavidus Red Kangaroo PawAnigozanthos Orange Cross Kangaroo PawAstartea Winter Pink, BaeckeaAstartea Fascicularis, False BaeckeaAustromyrtus Copper TopsBoronia LipstickBoronia Heterophylla Red Boronia, Chorizema Cordatum Heart Leaf Flame Pea, Correa Alba WhiteCorymbia Ficifolia Baby ScarletCrowea Exalata X SalignaCrowea Poorinda EctasyEucalyptus Euky DwarfEucalytptus Melliodora Yellow BoxHardenbergia Mini Haha, Leptospermum Scoparium


These are the most common varieties and widely-bought Australian Natives, and if you are planning to add them in your garden, consider visiting Online Plants to explore the excellent varieties of Australian Natives.

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