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Buying Plants over the internet

Buying Plants over the internet

Why buy plants over the internet???? 

Is it safe to buy plants over the internet?

It’s a question we are often asked, and for good reason. After all you cannot physically ‘see’ the plants, so how do you know that the plants you are ordering are the best quality?????   Well the answers and explanations are compelling evidence to suggest the benefits of purchasing your plants over the internet far outweigh any concerns regarding quality or size.

• Quality guarantee: That’s right! Never before have plants from your nursery come with a 12 month ‘guarantee to grow’. If you’re not happy with your delivery from Online Plants, we will refund or exchange your purchase, no questions asked.

• Enormous range: We have in excess of 3000 plants listed on our catalogue. In addition we source our stock from over 200 of Victoria’s best plant growers. This means if a plant is not listed on our website, we can probably get it for you. Nursery chain and hardware stores simply don’t have the range to select from.

• Expert knowledge: We pride ourselves on employing the best nursery staff in the industry. All email enquiries are handled by our dedicated professionals who can expertly answer all your questions.

• Cheaper: With prices starting from $11.95 for 14cm pots plants have never been so cheap. Generally our price structure is at least 30% cheaper than recommended retail price.

• Delivered on site: Online Plants use our own delivery vehicles and staff to freight your plants direct to your home or site. Transporting large stock and plants can be very difficult and expensive, and we have the resources to do this. Expertly and hassle free.

• Save time: Order your plants online and have them ready to begin gardening within 3-4 working days.

• Select to order: This is the greatest advantage to purchasing your shrubs and trees through Online Plants. When your order is processed we immediately contact our expert growers, to ascertain who has the best plants available. We then visit the growers and carefully hand select your stock. The plants are fresh, lush, healthy, optimum size and ready to be planted. Guaranteed!!!! That’s why only Online Plants can offer a ‘12 month guarantee to grow’.

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