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A Lovely Plant To Beautify Your Patio - Agapanthus

A Lovely Plant To Beautify Your Patio - Agapanthus

Fondly known as Blue Lily or Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus is a flamboyant perennial plant from Africa. Its long stalks and a cluster of trumpet-shaped blue flowers make it an attractive option for gardeners. You can make a lovely entrance bordered with Agapanthus as it’s a great option for swathes and mixed borders. They even manage to grow well in cold weather when you keep the roots covered with mulches.


Its deep Indigo-Violet colour flowers can be used for decors and flower vases. They can even sport as container plants. If your house has an outdoor patio, having this plant on your contemporary styled garden will spruce up the entire look of your house. You could witness your neighbors making frequent visits to your garden just to admire this plant.


Agapanthuses are widely preferred by people mainly for its low maintenance. It looks spectacular in mass plantings. However, to enjoy its beautiful blue flowers, you must know how to grow them properly.


Agapanthus Plant Care


  • They can grow well in coastal areas and if you are living in a coastal region, never forget to adore your space with this beautiful plant.

  • The best time to plant Agapanthus is spring.

  • Regular watering is necessary to enjoy its splendid flowers

  • You must keep the soil nourished with organic compost; they are known to grow well in well-nourished soil.

  • Place the rhizomes with the pointed ends facing up and cover its water and soil.

  • They attract pollinators, bees, and birds.

  • They almost thrive well in sorts of climatic conditions, but cannot bear cold winter. In this case, you can use an organic mulch to cover the roots to prevent it from cold.

  • Remember to cut or remove the dead blossoms from the plant to promote the growth of the plant.

Varieties: Agapanthus Baby BlueAgapanthus Baby PeteAgapanthus Dwarf WhiteAgapanthus Orientalis BlueAgapanthus Orientalis Queen MumAgapanthus Orientalis WhiteAgapanthus Purple CloudAgapanthus Purple MagicAgapanthus Sea SprayAgapanthus SnowballAgapanthus SnowstormAgapanthus Sugar PlumAgapanthus Bluestorm, Agapanthus Cascade DiamondAgapanthus Pavlova, Agapanthus Peter PanAgapanthus Silver BabyAgapanthus Strawberry Ice PinkAgapanthus Tinkerbell


Planning a contemporary style garden? Don’t forget to add them. Online Plants has amazing varieties of Agapanthus, pick the Agapanthus of your choice.

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