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7 Tips to Declutter Your Garden

7 Tips to Declutter Your Garden

There’s no shortage of tips on how to declutter a home. Whether your favoured strategy is feng shui, the four-box method or Marie Kondo, it’s easy to find helpful advice. There are far fewer tips on how to declutter a garden even though it’s a challenge for many.

Outdoor spaces are prone to clutter as it can be tricky to settle on unified garden design. Plus, they’re often a resting place for all the things we’ve ‘decluttered’ in our homes. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to create a calm, relaxing garden with cohesive garden design and high-quality plants gardening from online plants

These handy tips will help you transform your outdoor space from cluttered to captivating.

  1. Create a Focal Point

Clever focal points are an age-old technique used to create interest and draw the eye into the centre of a garden. However, they only work if there’s one; that’s just one singular focal point, not a cluster of furniture or accessories. Try a bench, sculpture or water feature.  

  1. Group Complementary Items

To create a sense of order in a cluttered yard, group together items that mesh visually. For instance, you can use the colour wheel to group complimentary flowers (yellow and purple, blue and orange, green and red, etc). Or, add interest to your borders with a trio of gnomes or other ornaments. 

  1. Don’t Overstuff Flower Beds

As the life and soul of any garden, it’s important you pick the right plants. Whether you source them from a local retailer or a seller specialising in online plants, they should form a key part of your garden design. When planting, remember to leave room for growth – if you cram lots of flowers together, they’ll grow into, over and around one another.

  1. Make Clear Connections

This next tip is useful for larger gardens that are lacking a sense of cohesion. In a disparate space, try to create visual connections between items. It draws them together and makes a garden design feel consistent. For example, link shrubs with narrow ‘trail like’ flowerbeds. Or add a simple path between the centre of the yard and your favourite shady nook.  

  1. Keep It Clean

You can add all the fancy flowers and features you like but, if the garden isn’t neat and tidy, your work will be for nothing. Don’t forget to mow, trim, prune and rake regularly to get rid of nature’s clutter. One task that tends to get overlooked is trimming borders even though it makes a big difference to the general tidiness of a garden. 

  1. Maintain Flower Beds

Once planted, it’s important to tend to your flowers. Yes, they’ll grow successfully without any pruning and cutting. However, they won’t spread neatly. They may eventually grow over one another and into neighbouring beds, paths and borders contributing to that cluttered feeling.

  1. Know Your Style

If you want a harmonious garden, choose a style and stick with it. Avoid mixing materials particularly when shopping for garden furniture. For a rustic, natural aesthetic, materials like rattan and wicker are a good choice. For something more contemporary, try aluminum or steel pieces with crisp, clean lines and minimal detailing. 

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