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3 Best Lilly Pilly Varieties Ideal For Privacy & Screening

3 Best Lilly Pilly Varieties Ideal For Privacy & Screening

If you’re a plant person, no wonder you would often fill your garden & home with lush green plants. However, if you aim for privacy and want to install screen beds or hedging, Lilly Pillies are the best bet. These are a common choice for privacy in Australian gardens for years. When choosing Lilly Pilly, ensure to pick the right one which can be trimmed & pruned into a screen bed or a hedge to get the desired look. You can even visit an online nursery Melbourne to help you with the product ranges. They are evergreen, usually with glossy green foliage that flushes with colour when the new growth comes through. So, let’s find out the three varieties of Lilly Pilly that give you the privacy & appeal you need. 

Which Variety Is Best For Privacy?

Syzygium Big Red

This variety is a winner for hedging and can screen a shed or provide you with some much-needed privacy around your yard. It will grow to a maximum height of approximately 4m & making it a medium growing Lilly Pilly perfect for a wide range of looks. 

Syzygium Paniculata

Fondly known as Magenta Lilly Pilly, they grow up to five metres tall relatively quickly. It also produces small pink berries, which can be used in jams & salads. It prefers cooler climates over harsh or tropical conditions. With full to partial sun & fertile soil, this variety can thrive well & offer the much-needed privacy & wild-life look to your garden. 

Syzygium australe

Syzygium australe - This Lilly Pilly tree is also known as the Australian Cherry. They are a fast-growing hedge often used for privacy screens and windbreaks. They are covered in edible red and purple fruits. They can also be used as a striking standalone ornamental shrub in your front & back yards. 

Caring for Your Lilly Pilly Screening

To maintain the lushness and vitality of your Lilly Pilly (Syzygium) screening, regular pruning is essential for shaping and promoting dense growth. Adequate watering, especially during establishment, helps develop strong roots. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring to support healthy growth, but avoid overdoing it. Keep an eye out for pests and diseases and address them promptly. Mulching around the base conserves moisture and regulates soil temperature. With these practices, your Lilly Pilly screen will flourish, providing privacy and beauty to your garden.

And if you’re happy with our list, head to the plant nursery Melbourne to pick your Lilly Pilly or  from Online Plants today.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Lilly Pilly is best for screening?

Acmena Smithii is the top choice for screening as they have dense foliage, attractive berries, and fast growth rate.

What is the fastest growing Lilly Pilly?

Syzygium Australe 'Bush Christmas' and 'Resilience' are the fastest-growing varieties. They are capable of growing up to 2 meters in just a few years.

Do Lilly Pillies need care and maintenance?

Yes, Lilly Pillies require regular watering, periodic pruning, and occasional fertilisation. Monitoring for pests and diseases is also crucial.

What is the lifespan of Lilly Pilly?

Lilly Pillies can live for 20-30 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

How to thicken Lilly Pilly?

Regularly pruning the tips, applying balanced slow-release fertilizer, consistent watering, providing full sun to partial shade and using mulch for moisture retention can help thickening Lilly Pilly.

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