It is one of the most beautiful shrubs that are sure to beautify your garden with its flamboyant flowers and dense foliage. Their needle-like flowers attract birds, bees, and other pollinators and its sweet-smelling fragrance can fill your garden. If you are planning to get a low maintenance shrub, then Grevillea is the must-buy. They grow well in almost all types of conditions and are easy to prune. Here, in this blog, we would like to tell you some interesting facts about Grevillea that make you order this shrub from plant nursery online right away.


  • From small shrubs to large trees, with a variety of flowers, protruding from the inside. Grevillea is a spectacular shrub having a wide array of colourful flowers. The colour varies from species to species. From pure white to pink, with its beautiful filaments, it would instantly make you click a picture, and post it on your Instagram feed. These are appealing to your garden, and won’t demand much care.

  • Its flowers bloom even in winter making it a desirable option.

  • Their evergreen foliage differs from species to species and mostly admired by gardeners for easy maintenance.

  • They are preferred for their ability to make beautiful hedges, screen beds, and acts as a space filler for your front yard.

  • Some species of Grevillea are incredibly drought tolerant and can bear extreme temperatures.

  • Some florists would prefer to use its flowers in bouquets, and floral decors.

  • One of the species has beautiful pink flowers that are large and cylindrical, which can grow long up to 15cm and looks spectacular when you have it in your backyard.

  • Its flowers are rich in nectar.

  • They are a reliable shrub for its ability to withstand all types of climate and soil conditions.

  • Large clusters of flowers with bright, dark coloured leaves make it a fantastic option for your garden.

Varieties: Grevillea Deua FlameGrevillea Big RedGrevillea BonfireGrevillea Bonnie Prince CharlesGrevillea Bronze RamblerGrevillea Canterbury GoldGrevillea Carpet QueenGrevillea Clearview DavidGrevillea Coconut IceGrevillea Copper CrestGrevillea Endlicheriana SpindlyGrevillea FireworksGrevillea Forest RamblerGrevillea Gingin GemGrevillea HookerianaGrevillea Scarlet SpriteGrevillea Sea SprayGrevillea SplendourGrevillea SuperbGrevillea Thelmanniana Red WingsGrevillea Tucker Time Fruit BoxGrevillea Winpara GemGrevillea Winpara GoldGrevillea Cherry ClusterGrevillea Coral babyGrevillea CovergirlGrevillea Crimson VilleaGrevillea IvanhoeGrevillea Juniperina MolongloGrevillea Juniperina Pink LadyGrevillea KnockoutGrevillea Lanigera Mini Prostrate BushGrevillea Lanigera Mt.TamborithaGrevillea LongifoliaGrevillea Longistyla BellaGrevillea Murray Valley QueenGrevillea Ned KellyGrevillea OlivaceaGrevillea Pick of the CropGrevillea Pinaster CompactGrevillea Poorinda BlondieGrevillea Poorinda EleganceGrevillea White KnightGrevillea Strawberries and CreamGrevillea Rhyolitica InfernoGrevillea Red HooksGrevillea Poorinda RondeauGrevillea Poorinda MarionGrevillea Pink MidgetGrevillea Peaches and CreamGrevillea Old GoldGrevillea New VintageGrevillea New BloodGrevillea MoonlightGrevillea Mallee DawnGrevillea DiminutaGrevillea EllendaleGrevillea Fairy FlossGrevillea FanfareGrevillea Gold DiggerGrevillea Gold RushGrevillea Jelly BabyGrevillea John EvansGrevillea JubileeGrevillea Lanigera LuteaGrevillea Lanigera Woolly Bear HeroGrevillea Lemon DazeGrevillea Lemon SupremeGrevillea LollypopsGrevillea Loppy Lou


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