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Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus 1.5kg

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Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus introduces a groundbreaking formulation that elevates the art of nurturing fruit trees to a new level. This organic-based plant food is a testament to nature's bountiful offerings, combining rich, composted chicken manure with essential nutrients, resulting in a perfect recipe for healthy and juicy fruit.


Ideal for All Fruit & Citrus Plants:

Dynamic Lifter Advanced is your go-to choice for all fruit and citrus plants, including those in pots. It caters to the diverse needs of your orchard, ensuring optimal growth and fruiting.

Boosted Nutrient Levels:

Packed with added mineral nutrients, this formulation provides an extra nutritional boost that fruit trees crave for robust and productive growth.

Balanced Formula for Growth and Fruiting:

Its well-balanced formula promotes both growth and fruiting, striking the perfect equilibrium for a thriving orchard.

Enhanced Disease Resistance:

Regular use of Dynamic Lifter Advanced enhances the natural resistance of your fruit trees to diseases, contributing to their long-term health.

Soil Enrichment:

As it feeds your fruit and citrus plants, the chicken manure component encourages soil microbial activity while maintaining soil pH levels.

Slow-Release Nutrients:

The pellets are carefully dried before packing, ensuring a gradual release of nutrients over an extended period.

User-Friendly Packaging:

Available in reusable pails of 1.5 kg and economical 10 kg packs, Dynamic Lifter Advanced boasts user-friendly packaging. The larger pack features a unique easy-open lid with a sealing lip, preserving product quality during storage. An enclosed measuring scoop ensures precise distribution of the fertilser.


With an NPK analysis of 10 – 2 – 8, Dynamic Lifter Advanced contains essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, vital for the robust growth and fruiting of your orchard.

Where to Buy Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus Online?

Elevate your garden's vitality with Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus, available through Online Plants. As Australia's premier e-commerce plant nursery, we offer this exceptional plant food with nationwide delivery. Whether you reside in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, or South Australia, our convenient delivery service ensures you can access this essential gardening product.