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Debco Provita Citrus and Fruit Fertiliser 500gm

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ProVita complete fertiliser promotes high crop yield from fruiting plants.
Suitable for Citrus, Fruit, Olives & Stone Fruit
Juicy crop formulation (N17-P2-K7-S8)
6 month nutrient release


  • Controlled release-distributes nutrients as plants need it.
  • Wetting agent-ensures nutrients get to the root zone.
  • Seaweed-promotes biological activity in the soil.
  • Trace elements micro-nutrients -vital to plant growth.

Easy to Use

Apply anytime of the year.
Reapply every 6 months.
Spread evenly and avoid trunk base.
Water plants after feeding.
Delay use if forecasted above 30°C.
Not suitable for native plants.
Trees - 4 caps per metre high
Garden -4 caps per m²
1 level cap = 20g

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