Magnolias are beautiful trees, which adds luxury to any dull garden with its aesthetically attractive nature. If you wish to have them in your garden, buy from Online Plants who have been offering beautiful varieties of Magnolia plants all over Australia.

Unlike other ornamental plants, Magnolia plants have beautiful dark green leaves, which makes it a perfect choice for green decors. Having a spectacular view of the magnolia plants will make you feel alive. Their beautiful flowers will make everyone fall in love with your garden.

Features of Magnolia

     Its flower size ranges from 3-12 inch in diameter

     They do not yield nectar but give pollen in enormous quantities

     Its flowers are believed to have anti-anxiety properties

     It needs a great deal of space to grow

     Not a good choice for windy locations

     Organic compost can be used to support its fast growth

Widely desired by gardeners and cultivators due to its capacity to suit any scale of the garden. The size of Magnolia ranges from 15-foot shrubs to 80-foot massive trees. These showy ornamental plants will leave every eye in awe with its glossy leaves, and vibrant flowers. Its flowers are often used in bridal bouquets. It has a refreshing lemon-like fragrance, which makes them a preferable choice for many to grace their garden. The intensity of the fragrance varies from species to species. There are many colourful varieties of Magnolia which transforms your space with its beautiful creamy flowers.

Here are some of the popular varieties of Magnolia plants you can choose from:

Magnolia Teddy Bear

Magnolia StellataStar Magnolia        

Magnolia Vulcan

Magnolia Star Wars

Magnolia soulangeana

Magnolia Princess Range

Magnolia Grandiflora St Mary

Magnolia liliiflora Nigra 

Magnolia Pink Pearl 

Magnolia Denudata

Magnolia Little Gem

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