Among the most useful plants for your garden. 
Ground-covers plants have a range of attributes,  they can suppress, even eliminate weeds in the garden, acting as a natural mulch in the garden. They can provide root cooling to more substantial plants. They can cover an area quickly, often in areas which other plants struggle to grow in, such as steep slopes and gullies. 
Many online plants ground-covers are self-puckering, so as they grow, the limbs root into the ground, effectively creating another plant. In this way, the one original plant can spread and ramble on for a long distance.
There is delightful bird attracting varieties of ground-cover such as Grevillea Royal Mantle and Hibbertia obtusifolia, and vigorous hardy mat forming Myoporun, which still flower superbly. There are prostrate rambling forms such as the happy wanderer and Chinese star jasmine

We also have species for full sun and drought, and full shade and damp..... the list is endless, currently, over 100 varieties are listed, with more being added.  
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Trachelospermum asiaticum  Flatmat™

Trachelospermum asiaticum Flatmat™

Trachelospermum asiaticum  Flatmat™ is an extremely low groundcover plant.  Keeps a f..

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