If you are looking for one of the loveliest and easy-to-grow plants for your garden, you will not go wrong with Agapanthus. Also known as Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus produces clumps of narrow leaves. Most varieties have small and grass-like foliage whereas others have strap-like larger foliage that adds touch to borders, beds and containers. This low maintenance perennial plant produces colourful globes of trumpet-shaped flowers in white or blue hues, depending on the species. Ultimately, if you plant Agapanthus in front of your house garden , it can certainly create an elegant landscape. 

Features and Characteristics of Agapanthus:

  • Agapanthus prefers a spot in full sun. It requires at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight, but they grow well in partial shade as well. 

  • Although it is best planted in sunny season, some species can endure the coldness of winter seasons. 

  • Agapanthus grows well in moist, fertile and well-drained soil. A soil that is too rich encourages soft lush growth.

  • Its showy blue or white flowers bloom from the late spring to the beginning of autumn, based on the species. 

  • At the time of flowering, Agapanthus grows to a height of 2 metres whereas the main part of the plant and leaves will be around 60cm tall. 

  • The beauty of the flowers attracts small birds and butterflies. 

  • They are resistant to drought, pests and diseases. 

How to Care For Agapanthus?

  • To ensure the proper growth of the plant, you must water them regularly.
  • When the flower beds begin to develop, you can boost its growth and blossoming by providing N-P-K fertiliser.
  • Pruning Agapanthus is a matter of individual preferences. While some gardeners leave the dried flower heads, others prefer cutting the spent-flowers. 

What Are The Popular Species of Agapanthus?

Some of the popular varieties of Agapanthus plants include Agapanthus Baby BlueAgapanthus Orientalis Queen MumAgapanthus Purple MagicAgapanthus Sea SprayAgapanthus SnowstormAgapanthus Cascade DiamondAgapanthus BluestormAgapanthus Sugar PlumAgapanthus Purple CloudAgapanthus Orientalis BlueAgapanthus Dwarf White, Agapanthus Snowball, Agapanthus Baby Pete, Agapanthus Black Pantha, Agapanthus Peter Pan, Agapanthus Strawberry Ice Pink, Agapanthus Orientalis White, Agapanthus Silver BabyAgapanthus PavlovaAgapanthus Tinkerbell and much more. 

Where To Buy Agapanthus Plants?

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