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Banksia Ericifolia Dwarf, Heath Leaved Banksia
A small to medium shrub with narrow, linear leaves. The flower spikes are and usually o..
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Banksia Ericifolia Heath leaved banksia
A medium to large shrub with narrow, linear leaves to about 15 mm long reaching 2.5-3mt tall and ..
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Banksia Honeypots
A low growing shrub to 60cm, with honey coloured flowers in autumn to early spring.  'Ho..
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Banksia integrifolia, Coastal Banksia
A medium sized tree with rough, fissured, grey bark and dull green leaves. Produces a mass of lon..
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Banksia Integrifolia, Prostrate Coast banksia
A small shrub with dull green leaves. Produces a mass of long, pale yellow flower spike..
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Banksia marginata, Silver Banksia
A large, native shrub growing to 5mt high and 2.5mt wide. Showy yellow flowers in warmer months a..
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Banksia Petiolaris Creeping Banksia
Banksia petiolaris is a prostrate shrub that ahs spreading horizontal stems. The leathery leaves ..
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Banksia Serrata Saw Banksia
Normally a tree which may reach 15 metres in height in favourable conditions. Sometimes it is muc..
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Banksia spinulosa, Hill Banksia
An attractive native shrub which grows 2-4mt high and 2-5mt wide. The upright flowers are set amo..
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Banksia, Coastal cushion
A beautiful new release Australian native with lush green foliage. Producing golden yellow and ma..
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Banksia, Giant Candles
A hybrid of Banksia spiulosa and Banksia ericifolia. It is distinctive for its large orange flowe..
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Bauera Rubioides, Dog Rose
A small, bushy shrub between 0.3 and 1.5 metres in height. It has small leaves which are comprise..
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Beaufortia Sparsa, Swamp Bottlebrush
Colourful bottlebrush or globular-shaped flower clusters being attractive to birds. The species s..
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Berberis atropurpureum Purple Barberry
Berberis atropurpurea can be pruned back quite severely, they resprout well from the base.  ..
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Berberis Rose Glow
Berberis 'Rosy Glow' is an eye catching, compact and colourful shrub. Young leaves emerge purple,..
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Bergenia cordifolia, Pink Dragonfly
A low clump forming plant with green leaves turning rich plum-red tones in winter. Tall stems of ..
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Betula Pendula Alba, Silver Birch
A medium graceful deciduous tree with a superb white trunk growing to 10mt. This tree is commonly..
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Betula Pendula Fastigiata
An attractive upright birch. It has an eye catching silvery-white trunk and twisted branches crea..
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Boronia Heterophylla, Red Boronia
Upright bushy shrub with pink, red bell flowers in Winter and Spring. Grows in acidic or neutral ..
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Boronia Lipstick
An evergreen shrub with long, narrow, aromatic leaves & masses of large, purple-pink, bell-sh..
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Boronia Lutea
Small evergreen shrub with fine aromatic yellow-green foliage and hanging cup shaped flowers whic..
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Boronia Megastigma, Brown Boronia
This popular Boronia is well known for it's highly fragrant flowers. The flowers are yellow insid..
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Brachychiton Acerifolius, Illawarra Flame Tree
A small to medium sized tree which may reach 30-35 metres in height although it is usually m..
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Brachychiton Bella Pink
This is a small to medium sized shade tree offering glossy green foliage and clusters of salmon p..
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Brachychiton Jerilderie Red
This cultivar tree can reach 9m tall by 6.5m wide. The canopy is dense. The leaves vary somewhat ..
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