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Atriplex Cineraria, Saltbush
Very hardy plant. Semi prostrate in growth habit. Requires little if any water. Great for plantin..
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Hebe Lemon & Lime: Lemon coloured stems and lime green leaves gives this Hebe a touch of clas..
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Dianella Cassa Blue
Description: Cassa Blue® Dianella is the perfect size and compact shape for any commercial or res..
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Pennisetum Advena Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge is a pink foliaged fountain grass with feathery pink flowers. Grows to a height of 8..
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Malus Ioensis Plena
Probably the most commonly planted of all Crab Apples, predominantly for its excellent spring flo..
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Gingko Biloba Maidenhair Tree
Gingko biloba or maidenhair tree is a beautiful, slow-growing tree that is tolerant of many urban..
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Cordyline australis Sundance
Cordyline australis Sundance provides an excellent green and red accent colour in your garden all..
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Phormium Flax Dark Delight
This stunning evergreen native flax was selected for its deep purplish almost black-bronze colour..
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Mesembryanthemum Pigface Pink
The Pigface has a compact low growing habit. The leaves are thick, grey/green and triangular. The..
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Backhousia myrtifolia Grey Myrtle
White flowers occur in clusters at the ends of the branches in summer through to autumn. Although..
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Clematis Micropyhlla
A woody climbing shrub to about 3m high, often found scrambling over vegetation of rocky outcrops..
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Eucalyptus Viminalis, Manna/Ribbon Gum
It is a straight erect tree, often around 40 metres tall, with rough bark on the trunk and base o..
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Hibbertia Cuneiformis
A medium sized evergreen shrub that grows to 3.5m high and 2m wide. Has dark green, oblong shaped..
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Melaleuca Styphelioides
A tall upright shrub or tree with papery white or light brown bark that peels off in large s..
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Westringia Fruticosa Prostrate
Hardy form of Westringia with white star shaped flowers in spring and summer. Can be used for low..
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Lavender Winter Purple
A variety of the ever popular lavender forming a small, evergreen shrub with aromatic grey-green ..
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Trachelospermum jasminoides Chinese Star Jasmine
An excellent form of evergreen climber. Highly recommended by onlineplants for use as a rambling ..
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Lomandra Shortscape
Young growth starts blue/grey and eventually maturing to green. Ideal for high traffic areas. Can..
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Convolvulos cneorum Silver Bush
Masses of open white flowers in spring and summer make this plant ideal for most gardens. Moderat..
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Hebe Wiri Image
Attractive, hardy evergreen shrub. Produces masses of violet coloured flowers in summer and inter..
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Banksia Birthday Candles
Banksia Birthday Candles is a dwarf cultivar that only grows to about 45cm high x 60cm wide and p..
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Citrus tree Orange Valenica
Commonly referred to as a fruiting orange, the Valenica fruite are medium in size with a distinct..
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Grevillea Firecracker
Ranging from small shrubs to large trees, grevilleas are evergreen plants, with needle-like to na..
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Dodonaea viscosa purpurea Hop Bush
Hop Bush is an interesting plant in so far as the foliage may appear to turn red or brown during ..
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Xanthorrhoea Grass Tree
This plant grows to a height of over 4 metres and often has branches. It’s growth rate is only ab..
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