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Melaleuca Squarrosa
A medium sized wide fully hardy perennial evergreen shrub with yellow flowers in early Summe..
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Viola Hederacea Native Violet
A ground cover forming mats to around 50cm wide and likes damp areas and shady situations th..
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Lavender Grosso
Violet flower with a strong scent mid spring to summer. Is very high in oils and has a large show..
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Rosemary Santa Barbara
This handsome rosemary is valued for both its culinary and ornamental qualities. It requires a su..
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Lomandra Echidna Grass
Lomandra echidna grass  is a small, hardy native plant and has narrow, light green leaves. S..
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Escallonia Macrantha Rubra Nana
A beautiful small shrub with glossy green foliage and deep pink flowers during spring and summer...
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Hebe Icing Sugar
A hardy, compact evergreen shrub with attractive glossy deep green foliage. Produces masses of sm..
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Phormium Bronze Baby
An easy to grow dwarf flax with copper coloured leaves. Produces tubular, bronze-red flowers in s..
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Citrus tree Orange Washinton Navel
The most popular backyard orange grown in Australia.  Is is a small to medium sized tree tha..
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Gardenia Radicans
HIghly rated form of gardenia because of its dwarf like habit.  Low and sreading, radicans w..
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Prunus lusitanica, portugese laurel
This is an evergreen shrub or small tree with blackish-brown bark and glossy dark green oval slig..
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Hedera Helix, English Ivy
This is a woody climbing or creeping vine with aerial (above ground) roots along t..
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Acacia Honeybun
Available at onlineplants. This beautiful dense dwarf shrub has a pendulous habit reaching a heig..
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Corymbia Citriodora, Lemon Scented Gum
Originating from a very restricted area in Queensland on the Tropic of Capricorn, Lemon-scented G..
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Waterhousia floribunda Weeping Lilly Pilly
A medium to large, evergreen tree with long, dark, glossy leaves which turn red before dropping. ..
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Acacia Melanoxylon Australian Blackwood
This is a hardy shade or shelter tree that produces masses of pale yellow flowers in clusters fro..
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Beaufortia Sparsa, Swamp Bottlebrush
Colourful bottlebrush or globular-shaped flower clusters being attractive to birds. The species s..
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Dianella blue flax lilly
Spreading evergreen with attractive purple flower spikes. Prefers full sun or part shade, tolerat..
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Grevillea Clearview David
An erect shrub to 2.5m high. The leaves 1.5-3cm long and .5-2mm broad, narrow linear and sometime..
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Kunzea Ambigua Prostrate Form
A small shrub. Some forms have a lower, weeping habit. The leaves are narrow, linear in shap..
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Pandorea Pandorana Alba
A vigorous twining plant with pinnate leaves having between three and seven leaflets up to 1..
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Juniperus Communis Depressa Aurea
A low spreading shrub with needle-like foliage. The colour is bright yellow in summer and a rich ..
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Lavender Augustifolia English Lavender
The flowers occur from early summer to early autumn and are solitary spikes that are a grey-blue ..
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Agonis After Dark, Willow Myrtle
A superb new release medium tree with spectacular dark foliage. Ideal feature tree or specim..
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Sedum autumn joy
Fleshy leaves of blue-green are crowned with large heads of vivid magenta-pink flowers. Prefers a..
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