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Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty
Austromyrtus Blushing Beauty is a fast growing evergreen bushy shrub. New growth of plant can off..
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Camellia Sasanqua, Hiryu
Camellia Sasanqua, Hiryu, An evergreen tree or shrub capable of growing up to 6m. Produces mildy ..
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Grevillea peaches and cream is currently available from onlineplants. It is a shrub that grows to..
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Azalea Kurume, Hatsu Giri
Azalea Kurume, 'Hatsu-giri' is a compact, dwarf evergreen shrub with tiny, elliptic, glossy, dark..
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Camellia Japonica, Red Red Rose
Camellia Japonica, Red Red Rose has formal double red blooms with glossy green foliage.  Den..
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Rhododendron, Sappho
Rhododendron, Sappho, An unusual evergreen Rhododendron with exquisite White flowers marked with ..
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Mollis Azalea, Early Orange
Mollis Azalea, Early Orange, A free flowering shrub that provides a big splash of colour in sprin..
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Raphiolepsis Oriental Pearl
This is the dwarf form being a low growing compact evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves,..
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Duranta Sheenas Gold
Sheenas gold duranta is an excellent, easy-to-grow, densely foliaged cultivar of this shrub for o..
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Lomandra Golden Spray
This tufted golden weeping grass like plant stays lush all year round; in summer small fragrant y..
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Cordyline Pink Passion
Cordyline Pink Passion is a hardy clump forming cordyline with an upright habit. Cordyline Pink P..
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Lomandra Misty Green
Lomandra Misty Green is a fine foliaged Lomandra, great for landscaping with its fountain of grey..
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Grevillea diminuta
Grevillea diminuta is a small hardy shrub with a spreading habit that will grow to about 1m tall ..
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