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Acacia Limelight
Acacia limelight is a new release improved form of the dwarf Acacia cognata. Unlike some of t..
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Dianella Revoluta flax lily
Spreading Flax-Lily Grows to 1m x 3m Lovely Blue Flowers. Prefers Sandy soil. Frost tolerant. Dro..
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Phormium Surfer Boy
A small growing flax with green and red coloured arching leaves. Flowers are produced in summer. ..
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Syzygium australe Aussie Southern lilly pilly
'Aussie Southern'; A compact lilly pilly ideal for screens and hedges as it can be shaped. Foliag..
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Melaleuca Laterita, Robin Redbreast
Melaleuca laterita has orange/red bottlebrush type flowers seen mainly during summer. The flowers..
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Dietes Bicolour Spanish Iris
An attractive clump forming evergreen grass. Pale yellow flowers in spring and summer, tough and ..
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Pittosporum tenuifolium Green Pillar
Another terrific Pittosporum form available from onlineplants.  Green Pillar is a superb opt..
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Acacia boormanii, Snowy River Wattle,
Flowers profusely in spring showing masses of bright yellow flowers. It\'s a medium size shrub gr..
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Banksia Honeypots
A low growing shrub to 60cm, with honey coloured flowers in autumn to early spring.  'Ho..
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Correa Pulchella Pink Bells
An attractive compact native shrub with pink flowers in Autumn and Winter. A low shrub growing to..
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Ficinia nodosa Knobby Club Rush
Consists of tufts of stiff, erect, cylindrical stems (typically ~ 0.5 to 1 m tall, and a few mm t..
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Hibbertia Scandens Snake Vine
A fairly vigorous climber or scrambler, growing to 2 to 5 metres long. It has elliptic to ob..
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Melaleuca Thymifolia
A small shrub rarely exceeding 1 metre in height. The flowers occur in clusters on the older..
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Westringia Fruticosa Variegated
Hardy form of Westringia with white star shaped flowers in spring and summer. Can be used for low..
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Leionema Green Screen
Good looking compact shrub with fine foliage and masses of white flowers in spring. Grows 2m x 2m..
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Wisteria Sinensis Blue/Purple
A deciduous twining climber that grows to 10m by 10m. Produces moderately fragrant flowers in mau..
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Lomandra Shortscape
Young growth starts blue/grey and eventually maturing to green. Ideal for high traffic areas. Can..
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PhormiumFlax Pink Panther
A stunning evergreen foliage plant praised for its stunning features and architectural versatilit..
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Eriostemon Bournda Beauty
A compact, bushy shrub growing to 1mt high and wide. Delightful, white, star-shaped flowers in sp..
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Westringia Smokey
A small, hardy shrub with smokey-grey, varigated foliage. Produces masses of white flowers throug..
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Citrus tree Lemon Lisbon
The lemon lisbon is the most commonly grown lemon in Australia.  It is a very vigorous tree,..
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Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle
Grevillea royal mantle is currently available from onlineplants. Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle..
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Syzygium australe Tayla Made, lilly pilly
A small/medium shrub to 1.5m . This is a very compact, small leaved, lilly pilly featuring a red ..
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Agonis Burgundy, Willow Myrtle
Burgandy Willow Myrtle.This tree bears white clusters of flowers which last for a long time. It h..
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Agapanthus Black Pantha
The long stemmed ‘Black Pantha’ has a commanding presence. Each flower displays a mass of florets..
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