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Cordyline Red Fountain
 Colour, form and habit all go to ensure that this plant is one of the most a..
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Banksia, Coastal cushion
A beautiful new release Australian native with lush green foliage. Producing golden yellow and ma..
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Citrus tree Dwarf Lime
The small to medium fruit is pale lemon-yellow with smooth thin skin. The flesh is a translucent ..
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Libertia Peregrinans
Belonging to the Iris family it is a perennial growing in tufts of narrow foliage.  Reaching..
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Westringia Naringa
Probably one of the best hedging Westringias on the market. Naringa is vigorous, upright and very..
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Acmena smithii minor compacta, Lily Pilly
Acmena Smithii Minor 'Compacta' - A smaller growing, bushier variety of the Lilly Pilly. Attracti..
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Aloe Aloe Always Red
An incredible long flowering hybrid aloe- One of the best flowerers. This medium sized hybrid alo..
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Grevillea tickled pink is currently available from onlineplants. A small growing evergreen shrub ..
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Helleborus Corsicus
Bold foliage is attractive even without flowers. It enjoys both sun and shade conditions but stru..
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Acacia Stricta, Hop Wattle
Erect shrub to 3 m. Phyllodes are narrow, elliptical, to 12 cm and dull green in colour. Flowers ..
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Callistemon Packers Special
A fast growing and pendulous shrub ca. 1.5m tall by 1.5m wide. Inflorescences are deep red i..
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Eriostemon myoporides Wax flower
Delightful, evergreen shrub. Aromatic foliage with starry white flowers in winter and spring. Bes..
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Grevillea Longifolia
Grevillea longifolia is currently available from onlineplants. Pinkish-red flowers cover the swee..
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Leptospermum Laevigatum
Tall, bushy shrub or small, twisted tree, to 6 m. Leaves are grey-green, obovate, to 2 cm. Flower..
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Prostanthera lasianthos, White
Large dark green leaves to 100mm long provide a good contrast but from a distance the mass of ter..
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Juniperus Scopulorum Skyrocket
With lustrous silvery- blue-green foliage, this fast growing, narrow conifer is well suited for a..
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Azalea Happy Days
A small hybrid Azalea, bears double purple flowers, best known for its spot flowering for most of..
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Cordyline fruticosa rubra
A smallish Cordyline native to moist subtropical forest in eastern Australia that forms a branchi..
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Callistemon Genoa Glory
A colourful, evergreen australian native bottlebrush. A profusion of crimson flowers in spring, a..
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Cuphea hyssopifolia Robs Mauve
Low growing evergreen shrub which produces an abundance of small mauve flowers throughout the yea..
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Hebe Wiri Cloud
A compact shrub which is very useful in a variety of positions. Tiny pink flowers in summer, it p..
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Austromyrtus Copper tops
Copper Tops are a hardy, fast growing small shrub. They will grow from .5m high and will spread t..
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Grevillea lanigera Mini prostrate Bush
Grevillea lanigera is currently available from onlineplants. Height 30cm x Width 1m A compact g..
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Cordyline australis Sunrise
'Sunrise' is an erect, palm-like tree with arching, lance- to linear-shaped, dark pink leaves wit..
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Myoporum Parvifolium (fine leaf)
This plant is a great survivor,it is ideal for covering embankments in trying conditions. Its den..
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