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Lomandra Seascape
Lomandra Seascape has tussocks of blue grey foliage with a weeping habit.  Fragrant yellow f..
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Acer japonicum Vitifolium, Full Moon Maple
Acer japonicum is commonly called full moon maple. It is a deciduous, spreading, s..
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Prostanthera Minty
Prostranthera Minty is a dense shrub with aromatic foliage and mauve flowers from spring through ..
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Brachychiton Jerilderie Red
This cultivar tree can reach 9m tall by 6.5m wide. The canopy is dense. The leaves vary somewhat ..
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Leucadendron Fireglow
Smaller burgundy red bracts from autumn to spring. By spring the bracts take on glowing orange hu..
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Mesembryanthemum Pigface Gold
The Pigface has a compact low growing habit. The leaves are thick, grey/green and triangular..
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Anigozanthos Orange Cross, Kangaroo Paw
An attractive kangaroo paw, featuring large strappy leaves. It is an evergreen clumping perennial..
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Cassinia Aculeata Dogwood
A widespread upright shrub to 4m in height. Dark green narrow leaves to 40mm long. Crowded heads ..
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Eucalyptus Lehmannii Bushy Yate
Evergreen small/medium tree, multi stemmed shrubby habit, large greenish yellow flowers in Winter..
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Grevillea Pinaster Compact
Grevillea pinnaster compact is currently available from onlineplants. A small evergreen shrub gro..
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Leucophyta Brownii Silver Nuggett
Dense, rounded shrub growing to around 1m high and 1m wide. It has silvery grey scale-like leaves..
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Restio tetraphyllus, Long Leaf Tassel Rush
Flowering in the heat of summer. Native to moist wet sites, often near the coast up to 1.6m sun o..
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Alpine Phlox, Danielle
Clean white, fragrant blossoms and exceptional powdery mildew resistance set ‘Danielle’ apart fro..
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Azalea White Dragon
A very hardy new variety. Small glossy dark green leaves and low spreading habit. Large sing..
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Dichondra Silver Falls
Silver foliaged, shade loving or full sun. Grows to 1.5 mt wide.  Ideal for hanging baskets...
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Azalea Aline 14cm
This azalea has very large, double, pure-white flowers covering the bush in profusion throughout ..
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Anigozanthos Bush Blitz, Kangaroo Paw
Strong upright stems and foliage are a feature of this plant, but this takes a back seat to the b..
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Buxus microphylla microphylla Dwarf Japanese Box
Evergreen dwarf shrub. Beautiful densely foliaged plant with attractive leaves. Grows to 60cm hig..
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Grevillea Apricot Glow
A beautiful, evergreen shrub growing to 2mt high and wide. Produces massess of apricot flowers in..
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Leptospermum Pink Cascade
A terrific prostrate groundcover, with pink flowers during late winter and spring. Very hardy in ..
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Poa Sieberiana Grey Tussock Grass
This grass forms small dense tussocks of slender leaves to 300 mm long. The leaves are very slend..
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Buxus sempervirens English Box
A traditional, small to medium formal hedging plant. The most popular of the Buxus varieties. Slo..
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Dianella Revoluta flax lily
Spreading Flax-Lily Grows to 1m x 3m Lovely Blue Flowers. Prefers Sandy soil. Frost tolerant. Dro..
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Phormium Surfer Boy
A small growing flax with green and red coloured arching leaves. Flowers are produced in summer. ..
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Syzygium australe Aussie Southern lilly pilly
'Aussie Southern'; A compact lilly pilly ideal for screens and hedges as it can be shaped. Foliag..
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