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Ulmus parvifolia Murrays Form
Ulmus parvifolia 'Murrays Form'; This elm has become very popular. Being a very versatile and att..
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Schinus molle, Peppercorn Tree
A majestic growing tree with a weeping habit of growth. Has an unusual textured bark and red berr..
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Eleocarpus Prima Donna
A small native rainforest tree noted for its red new growth and dense blue green foliage, bears m..
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Punica Granatum Nana Pomegranate
Punica granatum 'Nana' or Dwarf Pomegranate is a dense shrub that will reach 3-4 feet in containe..
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Acacia  Sticky wattle
Available at onlineplants. A graceful large shrub or small tree of dense, weeping habit reaching ..
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Banksia Petiolaris Creeping Banksia
Banksia petiolaris is a prostrate shrub that ahs spreading horizontal stems. The leathery leaves ..
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Dampiera Diversifolia
A vigorous growing groundcover bearing intense, dark blue flowers from July to December. Requires..
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Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charles
Prolific flowering grevillea with clusters of bright red/yellow flowers throughout spring and sum..
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Juncus Pallidus Pale Rush
A tall native rush growing 1.5-2m. This stiffly erect tussock has dull green stems to 8mm thick &..
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Myoporum Parvifolium medium leaf white
A prostrate shrub which can form broad mats of foliage to about 3 metres in diameter. The le..
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Cupressus Swanes Golden Pencil Pine
A narrow tree with dense, upright branching and bright yellow foliage. Juvenile leaves are seen o..
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Rosemary Blue Lagoon
This ornamental Rosemary becomes covered in deep blue flowers from early spring. Grows to a heigh..
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Acer palmatum, Dissectum Viridis
A graceful weeping Japanese maple that is the widest spreading and one of the fastest growing of ..
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Polygala x dalmasiana
 A very easy to grow shrub, which tolerates poor soils and dry conditions. Fertilise with bl..
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Azalea Pink Lace 14cm
Light pink with rose throat, petals edged white medium single blooms. Vigorous bushy azalea grows..
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Westringia Funky Chunky
Hardy form of Westringia with white star shaped flowers in spring and summer. Can be used for low..
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Scaevola Blue Ribbon
A spreading free flowering ground cover, which flowers continually in the warmer months. Dark gre..
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Westringia Jervis Gem
Compact and equally hardy form of Westringia. Grows to 1.2mt high and maintains a dense habit wit..
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Pittosporum tenuifolium Limelight
A slightly larger foliaged form of Pittosporum highly recommended by onlineplants.  It has l..
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Eucalyptus Sideroxylon Rosea Pink Flower Ironbark
A beautiful ornamental Australian tree growing to 20mt with weeping grey green foliage and dark f..
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Agapanthus orientalis White
Old favourite plant for borders or space filling.  Hardy in all soils, long flowering from s..
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Dietes Iridioides Tiny Dancer
Dietes 'Tiny Dancer' is a clumping plant with narrow, dark green leaves. This is a compact form o..
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Photinia glabra rubens
Fine leafed variety for cool and warm climates. Easy to grow, dense tall hedge. Frost tolerant on..
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Acmena smithii minor compacta, Lily Pilly
Acmena Smithii Minor 'Compacta' - A smaller growing, bushier variety of the Lilly Pilly. Attracti..
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Aloe Aloe Always Red
An incredible long flowering hybrid aloe- One of the best flowerers. This medium sized hybrid alo..
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