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Coleonema compactum Dwarf Pink Diosma
Massess of soft pink star like flowers in spring make this an excellent addition to any garden. D..
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Liriope Samantha
An evergreen perennial with narrow strap like foliage. In summer it had bell shaped pink flowers...
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Lavender Dentata Royal Crown
Improved form of the ever popular French lavender. Disease resistant, long flowering through spri..
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Agapanthus baby blue
Strappy foliaged plant with beautiful bell shaped flowers in summer.  Dwarf form growing to ..
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Dianella Breeze
Free flowing dark green foliage with quite exquisite sprays of soft blue flowers in spring, follo..
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Myoporum Parvifolium (fine leaf)
This plant is a great survivor,it is ideal for covering embankments in trying conditions. Its den..
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Lagerstroemia Indica Acoma Crepe Myrtle
'Indian Summer';This tough, powdery mildew resistant cultivar is of great ornamental value for it..
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Cordyline australis Cabbage Tree
Evergreen small palm like tree. As it matures it forms a single trunk with the head bearing long ..
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Anigozanthos Bush Bonanza, Kangaroo Paw
Fantastic large, clean, bright yellow flowers on very strong upright, orange/red stems. Indetermi..
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Hymenosporum Gold Nugge
Produces masses of yellow flowers late Spring to early Summer. The delecate cream blooms age..
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Helleborus Orientalis Nigra
Can bloom anytime from December to April, depending on conditions. The prolific flowers are usual..
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Acacia Stricta, Hop Wattle
Erect shrub to 3 m. Phyllodes are narrow, elliptical, to 12 cm and dull green in colour. Flowers ..
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Callistemon Packers Special
A fast growing and pendulous shrub ca. 1.5m tall by 1.5m wide. Inflorescences are deep red i..
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Eremophila Maculata Red
Long flowering ..
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Grevillea juniperina Molonglo
Grevillea molonglo is currently available from onlineplants. Ground cover 2 metres spread with fi..
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Leptospermum Copper Sheen
This cultivar grows to 2m tall by 2m wide. The young foliage is a bronzy-purple in colour and the..
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Poa Poiformis Kingsdale
A clump forming perennial, Kingsdale features attractive fine, deep green, strap like leaves. P..
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Juniperus Horizontalis Mother Lode
Rich gold, soft, feathery foliage that turns yellow-bronze in winter. Prefers full sun. Tole..
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Azalea Alba Magnifica
A very hardy, vigorous tall growing Azalea. Large single white flowers with a slight perfume..
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Betula Pendula Fastigiata
An attractive upright birch. It has an eye catching silvery-white trunk and twisted branches crea..
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Dianella Tasman flax lily
A wide foliaged clump grass. Very hardy in a range of positions and soil types. Beautiful lush gr..
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Crowea Poorinda Ectasy
A small, evergreen shrub with light green folige. It produces rose pink, star shaped flowers in s..
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Callistemon Endeavour
A colourful, evergreen australian native bottlebrush. A profusion of crimson flowers in spring, a..
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Citrus tree Orange Valenica
Commonly referred to as a fruiting orange, the Valenica fruite are medium in size with a distinct..
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Festuca glauca, Blue Fescue
A native grass that forms clumps of narrow blue/grey foliage, lightening with age. Creamy flower ..
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