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Buxus microphylla microphylla Dwarf Japanese Box
Evergreen dwarf shrub. Beautiful densely foliaged plant with attractive leaves. Grows to 60cm hig..
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Alyogynne Melissa Anne Hibiscus
Fast growing shrub with soft, fine foliage and a profusion of large pink, tulip shaped flowers du..
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Carex Buchananii Leather leaf Sedge
Carex buchananii Leather leaf Sedge, The most well-known of the many Hair Sedges from New Zealand..
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Grevillea Coconut Ice
Description: Medium shrub 2-3 metres bright green foliage with red/pink brush type flower heads w..
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Acmena smithii minor, Dwarf Lilly Pilly
Acmena Smithii 'minor' (Dwarf Lilly Pilly) - For those who only want a screen to approx 3-4 metre..
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Libertia Peregrinans
Belonging to the Iris family it is a perennial growing in tufts of narrow foliage.  Reaching..
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Westringia Naringa
Probably one of the best hedging Westringias on the market. Naringa is vigorous, upright and very..
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Acmena smithii minor compacta, Lily Pilly
Acmena Smithii Minor 'Compacta' - A smaller growing, bushier variety of the Lilly Pilly. Attracti..
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Agapanthus Purple Magic
Agapanthus Purple Magic is one of the darkest pendulous flowering agapnthus available. Similar to..
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Corymbia Citriodora, Lemon Scented Gum
Originating from a very restricted area in Queensland on the Tropic of Capricorn, Lemon-scented G..
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Punica Granatum Nana Pomegranate
Punica granatum 'Nana' or Dwarf Pomegranate is a dense shrub that will reach 3-4 feet in containe..
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Acacia dealbata,Silver Wattle
A large shrub or medium-sized tree to about 30 metres high. It is one of those species which..
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Banksia integrifolia, Coastal Banksia
A medium sized tree with rough, fissured, grey bark and dull green leaves. Produces a mass of lon..
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Correa Reflexa Tall Red
A very pretty native shrub with long lasting highly ornamental red and/or yellow tubular flowers...
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Goodenia Ovata Gold Cover
Gold Cover is a very attractive but extremely tough native ground cover featuring lush green foli..
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Hibbertia Scandens Snake Vine
A fairly vigorous climber or scrambler, growing to 2 to 5 metres long. It has elliptic to ob..
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Melaleuca Squarrosa
A medium sized wide fully hardy perennial evergreen shrub with yellow flowers in early Summe..
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Tetratheca Thymifolia
a small shrub to about 50 cm in height with many erect branches. The leaves occur in rings of thr..
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Coprosma Evening Glow
A very hardy shrub with beautiful golden leaves, changing to rich orange and red shades in the co..
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Citrus Tree Tahitian Lime
The small to medium fruit is pale lemon-yellow with smooth thin skin. The flesh is a translucent ..
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Bacopa Snowflake
'Snowflake' is a vigourous, mat-forming evergreen perennial with long, spreading stems bearing wh..
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Sedum gold mound
Fleshy leaves of lime green . Prefers a full sun to part shade position.  Sedums are also su..
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Azalea Pink Lace 14cm
Light pink with rose throat, petals edged white medium single blooms. Vigorous bushy azalea grows..
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Nandina Domestica Nana
Dwarf shrub with lime green foliage turning scarlet red in autumn. Grows best in moist, well drai..
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Liriope Samantha
An evergreen perennial with narrow strap like foliage. In summer it had bell shaped pink flowers...
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