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Agonis Flexuosa, Willow Myrtle
This tree bears white clusters of flowers which last for a long time. It has a beautiful weeping ..
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Acer platanoides, Crimson Sentry Maple
'Crimson Sentry' is a hardy, deciduous, tree with a narrow, upright habit, reaching 6mt in h..
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Ligustrum Undulatum Privet
A commonly used evergreen hedge that withstands shade and pollution and virus and fungal resistan..
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Juniperus Chinensis Spartan
Could be described as a shorter, fatter Pencil Pine. Grows to approx 4-5mt x 1mt, but can be prun..
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Magnolia Little Gem
This is a lovely tree with beautiful white saucer shaped flowers from an early age. Leaves are a ..
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Syzygium australe Obelisk lilly pilly
Lilly pilly 'Obelisk' is a new form of syzygium highly recommended by onlineplants. It is a n..
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Grevillea Longistyla Belle
Grevillea longistyla  Belle is a large shrub which is native to south-east Queensland. It ha..
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Syzygium Winter Lights lilly pilly
Winter lights is a brilliant new species of dwarf lilly pilly. Unlike other forms such as neighbo..
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Photinia glabra rubens
Fine leafed variety for cool and warm climates. Easy to grow, dense tall hedge. Frost tolerant on..
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Leptospermum Nana Rubrum
A small growing spherical shrub with gorgeous red foliage that grows to around 1 metre. ..
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Casuarina Torulosa, Rose She-Oak
Allocasuarina torulosa was known as Casuarina stricta until the mid 1980s when a revision of this..
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Casuarina Littoralis, Black She-Oak
 Allocasuarina Littoralis - Black Sheoak. This is one of the smaller Sheoaks growing to arou..
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Melaleuca Laterita, Robin Redbreast
Melaleuca laterita has orange/red bottlebrush type flowers seen mainly during summer. The flowers..
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Citrus Tree Mandarin Emperor
The fruit has a pale orange skin that is inclined to be puffy. Excellent flavour however the frui..
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Austromyrtus Copper tops
Copper Tops are a hardy, fast growing small shrub. They will grow from .5m high and will spread t..
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Syzygium australe Select Form
'Select Form'; A compact form of Lilly pilly Syzygium Australe Select is a tough compact lill..
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Grevillea Poorinda Blondie
Grevillea poorinda blondie is currently available from onlineplants. It is a large shrub which ca..
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Pittosporum Silver Sheen
Onlineplants have superb 40cm stock of pittosporum silver sheen currently available. Standing 2-2..
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Photinia Allyn Sprite
'Allyn Sprite' is a low evergreen rounded shrub. Grows to 75cm high & 75cm wide. ..
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Prostanthera Minty
Prostranthera Minty is a dense shrub with aromatic foliage and mauve flowers from spring through ..
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Casuarina Verticillata, Drooping She-Oak
Stately she-oak which forms a tall tree with narrow, cord-like branches and no apparent leaves. I..
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Fraxinus Ornus Flowering Ash
Flowering Ash is a highly-regarded tree for south-eastern Australia, because of its relatively sm..
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Metrosideros Tahiti
A compact evergreen shrub. Silvery grey new growth that matures to a grey/green. An excellent tub..
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Olea Europaea Manzanillo Olive
High yields. Ripens early. Excellent pickling fruit, green or black. Fruit is of excellent taste ..
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Eucalyptus Cladocalyx Bushy sugar gum
Fast growing tall shade, timber and shelter suitable for planting in most areas.  Adapts to ..
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