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Prunus lusitanica, portugese laurel
This is an evergreen shrub or small tree with blackish-brown bark and glossy dark green oval slig..
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Agapanthus Sea Spray
Agapanthus Sea Spray is a large growing shrub that flowers (white) prolifically. It has green fol..
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Hakea Laurina, Pin Cushion
An erect or spreading shrub that grows to 6 metresl; sometimes reaching small tree proportions. H..
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Rosemary officinalis
Evergreen shrub with pale blue flowers in spring and summer. Delightful aromatic foliage can be u..
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Lagerstroemia Indica Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle
Crepe Myrtle 'Tuscarora';Possibly the best of the dark fuchsia-pink flowering cultivars in the In..
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Rosemary Tuscan Blue
An upright form of rosemary that grows to 1m. Highly scented plant that is great in a container o..
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Acmena smithii, Hot Flush, Dwarf Lilly Pilly
Dwarf Lilly Pilly Hot Flush, Evergreen shrub growing up to 1.5mt. Produces white flowers that app..
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Pittosporum tenuifolium Screen Master
 A more vigorous, bushy and upright form of pittosporum. Grows best in full sun or part shad..
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Acacia  Gossamer Wattle
Available at onlineplants. Erect or spreading shrub or tree 3–8 m high; bark smooth, grey with pa..
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Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer
Very popular evergreen native climber, groundcover plant.  Bright, vibrant purple pea flower..
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Dodonaea viscosa purpurea Hop Bush
Hop Bush is an interesting plant in so far as the foliage may appear to turn red or brown during ..
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Albizia julibrissin rosea, Silk Tree
A small delightful deciduous tree, with soft fernlike leaves. Flowers arranged like fluffy pink t..
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Hakea Salicifolia, Willow Leaf Hakea
A large shrub or small tree growing to 5m in height. It has a dense growth habit with pale to mid..
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Leptospermum Petersonii Lemon Scented Tea Tree
A Medium to tall shrub with aromatic lemon scented leaves.  Single white flowers in spr..
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Laurus Nobilis Bay Tree
Laurus nobilis or Bay Tree is a medium-sized evergreen tree reaching 5-6mt tall if left unpr..
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Tilia x europaea, Common Lime
Tilia ’Pallida’ is a fast growing, deciduous tree which establishes quickly. Tilia europaea is a ..
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Agonis After Dark, Willow Myrtle
A superb new release medium tree with spectacular dark foliage. Ideal feature tree or specim..
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Hardenbergia Free n Easy
A vigorous climbing, or trailing creeper, with white and lavender flowers from autum to spring. T..
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Leptospermum Scoparium
A usually compact shrub to 2 m high (often less) by 2 m wide. Leaves are variable in shape and si..
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Hardenbergia Comptoniana
A vigorous climbing plant whose branches twist around the stems of other plants. The leaves ..
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Syzygium australe Tayla Made, lilly pilly
A small/medium shrub to 1.5m . This is a very compact, small leaved, lilly pilly featuring a red ..
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Betula Pendula Alba, Silver Birch
A medium graceful deciduous tree with a superb white trunk growing to 10mt. This tree is commonly..
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Leptospermum Continentale
A variable shrub to 2 m high, sometimes taller, by 2 m across. The lanceolate leaves are about 1 ..
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Grevillea Apricot Glow
A beautiful, evergreen shrub growing to 2mt high and wide. Produces massess of apricot flowers in..
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Photinia Robusta
Photinia Robusta; Easy to grow, dense, tall hedge with striking red new growth.It is suitable for..
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