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Camellia Japonica, Wildfire
Camellia Japonica, Wildfire, A medium shrub with a compact upright habit, bears semi-double scarl..
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Asplenium Birds nest Fern
The Bird's Nest Fern or Asplenium nidus is one of the several popular and beautiful ferns grown a..
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Camellia Transnokoensis
 Smaller leaved Camellia producing masses of delicate white fragrant flowers in winter and r..
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Azalea Kurume, Red Robin
Azalea Kurume, Red Robin, Rich red, single Kurume. Masses of flowers in Spring, bushy plant to 80..
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Rhododendron, Black Prince
Rhododendron, Black Prince, Rhododendron’s prefer dappled shade, but can be grown in full sun if ..
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Rhododendron, White Pearl
Rhododendron, White Pearl, This larger form has big trusses of blush pink flowers. A brilliant pl..
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Magnolia Grandiflora Kay Parris
‘Kay Parris’ is a beautiful compact evergreen small tree with dark glossy green large leaves with..
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Azalea Kurume, Mother's Day 14cm
Azalea Kurume, Mother's Day, One of the Kurume hybrids, known for their hardiness, ‘Mother’s Day’..
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Michelia Fairy White Magnolia
Now it’s easier than ever to add an enchanting touch to your garden. Introducing the Fairy Magnol..
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Camellia Japonica, Dr. Clifford Parkes
Camellia Japonica, Dr. Clifford Parkes, brilliant rich red informal flower. Fast, bushy, upright ..
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Rhododendron, Furnivals Daughter
Rhododendron, Furnivals Daughter, This wonderful English hybrid has a compact form, as wide as it..
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Camellia Sasanqua, Miss Ed
Camellia Sasanqua, Miss Ed, light pink blooms with deeper pink and lavender tints. Producing an a..
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Himalayacalamus porcatus Nepalese blue bamboo
Nepalese blue bamboo is available form onlineplants. Its a smaller growing ornamental form which ..
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Azalea Plumtastic
Azalea Plumtastic, Stunning dark plum red foliage. A very hardy, vigorous medium growing azalea t..
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Camellia sasanqua With Love
Plant habit is elegant, slender and upright. Perfect in pots, excellent for hedging and ideal as ..
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Hydrangea Macrophylla
Hydrangeas are wonderful, hardy shrubs that would certainly have to be included on a list of the ..
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Camellia Japonica, Midnight
Camellia Japonica, Midnight, Deep Red Formal Blooms ..
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Rhododendron, Purple Splendour
Rhododendron, Purple Splendour, Very striking deep royal purple frilled flowers with black markin..
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Mollis Azalea, Buzzard
Mollis Azalea, Buzzard, Fragrant yellow tinged pink. A free flowering shrub that provides a b..
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Lamium White Nancy
Very hardy, low growing groundcover with attractive silver foliage complemented by pure white spr..
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Liriope Elmarco
An evergreen, perennial plant with dark green, glossy foliage and attractive, fragrant bell-shape..
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Azalea Kurume, Red Wings
Azalea Kurume, Red Wings, a very hardy, vigorous medium growing azalea. It has semi double, brigh..
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Rhododendron, Blue Admiral
Rhododendron, 'Blue Admiral' is a Rhododendron variety in the Rhododendron genus with a scientifi..
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Rhododendron, Winsome
Rhododendron, Winsome, is a bushy fully hardy perennial evergreen shrub with dark pink flowers in..
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Magnolia Black Tulip
Bred in New Zealand by leading Magnolia breeders, Felix and Mark Jury, Magnolia Black Tulip is gl..
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