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Bush Rose, Elina
Bush Rose, 'Elina' is a bushy, upright, thorny, deciduous shrub bearing pinnate leaves with ovate..
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Bush Rose, Kardinal
Bush Rose, Kardinal, Rich fragrant blooms of a scarlet-red colour, A medium sized bush with vigor..
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Bush Rose, Avon
Avon produces large dark red blooms of which hold their colour well especially in hotter district..
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Bush Rose, Fragrant Cloud
Bush Rose, Fragrant Cloud, Large double, well- formed, coral-orange blooms that produce a heady, ..
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Bush Rose, Cabana
Bush Rose, Cabana, The rose cultivar known as 'Cabana' has rose pink blooms with yellow flashes a..
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Bush Rose, Iceberg
Bush Rose, Iceberg, Iceberg Roses are a beautiful white plant flowers. For one to keep that beaut..
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Bush Rose, Emily
Bush Rose, Emily, A shorter growing variety with high quality, beautifully folded blooms of flu..
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Bush Rose, La Sevillana,
Bush Rose, La Sevillana, This is an outstanding rose, with healthy, neat foliage and large c..
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Bush Rose, Barbara Striesand
The clean colors of 'Barbra Streisand' show off strikingly against deep glossy green leaves. The ..
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Bush Rose, Fragrant Plum
Bush Rose, Fragrant Plum, Large lilac blooms blushed with rich plum of which behold a wonderful r..
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Bush Rose, Camp David
Bush Rose, Camp David, A beautiful richly fragrant rose producing richly coloured red blooms that..
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Bush Rose, Lili Marlene
Bush Rose, Lili Marlene, A cluster flowering floribunda variety. Black buds open into velvety dar..
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Bush Rose, Enchanting
Bush Rose, Enchanting, A vigorous hybrid tea which flowers continuously. Enchanting has a unique ..
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Bush Rose, Leonardo Da Vinci
Bush Rose, Leonardo Da Vinci, Deep, rich pink, quartered and quilled blooms, in clusters. This ro..
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Bush Rose, Best Friend
A superb Hybrid Tea for the RSPCA, featuring a parade of mostly long stemmed hot p..
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Bush Rose, Friesia
Bush Rose, Friesia, Upright growing, compact bush with large amount of large double flowers with ..
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Bush Rose, Candlelight
Bush Rose, Candlelight, Large, fragrant yellow blooms. Beautifully folded centre, gives the b..
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Bush Rose, In Appreciation
Bush Rose, In Appreciation, producing masses of luminous bright pink, perfectly formed blooms con..
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Bush Rose, Enterprise Rose
Clusters of four to five deep red, fully double, pompom-like flowers adorn this Floribunda rose. ..
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Bush Rose, Lorraine Lee
Bush Rose, Lorraine Lee, One of the most loved roses with double, cupped, rosy salmon-pink blooms..
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Bush Rose, Beyond Blue
A modern shrub rose, relatively free of thorns with a floribunda type flowering habit. The lavend..
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Bush Rose, Go For Gold
Bush Rose, Go For Gold, The golden buds and deep green foliage of this rose are a true representa..
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Bush Rose, Cecile Brunner
Bush Rose, Cecile Brunner, Miniature, blush-pink flowers of exquisite Tea Rose formation, no larg..
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Bush Rose, Isn't She Lovely
Bush Rose, Isn't She Lovely, A large Hybrid Tea Rose with flowers up to 11.5cm across. The bl..
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Bush Rose, Eyes For You
Bush Rose, Eyes For You. One of the most striking roses that we have ever seen, small buds of cre..
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