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School holiday gardening
Autumn holidays are here and the sun has come out to play! The intense hot summer days are a thing of the past, and suddenly the kids are finding the backyard garden more appealing than ever. So ma..
Buying Plants over the internet
Why buy plants over the internet???? It’s a question we are often asked, and for good reason. After all you cannot physically ‘see’ the plants, so how do you know that the plants you are o..
Patio gardening
Patio Gardens: With a little creativity and the right accessories and plant purchases you can take even a modest-sized spot in the garden or patio and turn it into an outdoor retreat. The first..
Why use a garden designer?
 Many people feel that spending money on employing a professional garden designer is a waste, thinking it can't be that difficult to do the job themselves. What makes a good garden into a gorg..
Hot Weather Gardening
By Leigh Murphy A nice garden can produce lovely blooms or nutritious veggies for a number of months of the year. Summer arrives, we expect a bountiful harvest or glorious display of color ... ..
Why Buying Plants Online Is A Great Idea
Ease Of Use We all know how much easier the internet has made our lives. In the old days if we were looking for a TV set to buy we would have to jump in the car and drive to the different store..
Buying plants – tips and ideas
Great Plants are an important part of any home. Flowers add beauty, trees add shade and fruit, shrubs add shelter and privacy, basically plants add that all important natural aspect to our homes.. ..
Why Hire A Gardening Professional
If you are thinking of designing a garden or re-doing an existing one, having the benefit of a professional garden consultant is probably the best idea for your project. A consultant will be able t..

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