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Acmena smithii minor, Sunrise, Dwarf Lily Pilly
Acmena smithii minor 'Sunrise' Lily Pilly Sunrise is stunning as a border or hedge due to ..
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Nandina Flirt
Flirt is a red flushing groundcover with red new growth foliage most of the year. It is very drou..
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Lagerstroemia Indica Acoma Crepe Myrtle
'Indian Summer';This tough, powdery mildew resistant cultivar is of great ornamental value for it..
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Ulmus parvifolia, chinese elm
Ulmus Parvifolia 'Chinese Elm'; An adaptable cultivar with relatively even branching and a r..
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Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer
Very popular evergreen native climber, groundcover plant.  Bright, vibrant purple pea flower..
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Dichondra Silver Falls
Silver foliaged, shade loving or full sun. Grows to 1.5 mt wide.  Ideal for hanging baskets...
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Phormium Bronze Baby
An easy to grow dwarf flax with copper coloured leaves. Produces tubular, bronze-red flowers in s..
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Dianella Lucia
Description: Lucia™ Dianella has deep green foliage with mulberry flower buds in spring. These op..
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Yucca Carnival
Carnival is an erect evergreen shrub with swordlike leaves about 5 cm wide and 60-90 cm long orig..
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Prunus cerasifrea Oakville Crimson Spire
This striking, upright deciduous tree with non-invasive roots. The young foliage appears a reddis..
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Cordyline australis Cabbage Tree
Evergreen small palm like tree. As it matures it forms a single trunk with the head bearing long ..
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Azalea Shiraz
A very hardy, compact, bushy Azalea with dramatic foliage colour and single wine red blooms in sp..
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Acacia Dazzler
Acacia Dazzler is yet another new release form of the dwarf Acacia cognata. Unlike some of th..
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PhormiumFlax Pink Panther
A stunning evergreen foliage plant praised for its stunning features and architectural versatilit..
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Acacia Limelight
Acacia limelight is a new release improved form of the dwarf Acacia cognata. Unlike some of t..
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Liriope Emerald Cascade
Emerald Cascade is a hardy species of liriope. Tolerates a wide range of adverse conditions. Not ..
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Acer platanoides, Keithsform Norwegian Sunset
Medium deciduous tree with a narrow upright form while young developing to a broad domed crown. I..
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Robinia pseudoacacia Moptop
The Mop top Robinia is quite popular deciduous tree.  The dark green leaves provide an excel..
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Dianella Little Rev
Dianella Little Rev is very hardy exhibiting excellent drought and frost tolerance a unique look ..
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Acer x freemanii, Jeffersred Maple
This well structured and very adaptable tree features some of the best autumn foliage colourings ..
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Casuarina glauca, Shagpile
This is potentially the most useful ground cover you will ever use. This tough plant will cover u..
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Phormium Flax Thumberlina
A stunning foliage plant with fine deep red bronze strap like leaves. Low maintenace plant ideal ..
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Agapanthus orientalis, Queen Mum
Queen Mum™ is a new Agapanthus with extra large dual coloured white and blue flower heads. These ..
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Pennisetum Advena Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge is a pink foliaged fountain grass with feathery pink flowers. Grows to a height of 8..
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Lagerstroemia Indica Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle
Crepe Myrtle 'Tuscarora';Possibly the best of the dark fuchsia-pink flowering cultivars in the In..
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