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Hebe Lemon & Lime: Lemon coloured stems and lime green leaves gives this Hebe a touch of clas..
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Libertia Peregrinans
Belonging to the Iris family it is a perennial growing in tufts of narrow foliage.  Reaching..
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Acer platanoides, Crimson King Maple
The Crimson King Maple, is a red-leaved cultivar of the Norway Maple and it is noted for its rich..
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Quercus robur English Oak
'English Oak'; is one of the most common park trees in south-eastern Australia, noted for its vig..
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Cordyline australis Sundance
Cordyline australis Sundance provides an excellent green and red accent colour in your garden all..
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Acer palmatum, Dissectum Viridis
A graceful weeping Japanese maple that is the widest spreading and one of the fastest growing of ..
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Liriope Samantha
An evergreen perennial with narrow strap like foliage. In summer it had bell shaped pink flowers...
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Acmena Cherry Surprise
Acmena smithii minor 'Cherry Surprise' Lily Pilly Cherry Surprise is ..
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Ophiopogon Nigra Mondo Grass Black
Black mondo grass has straplike, shiny black foliage and grows in little tufts. The grasslike fol..
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Fraxinus Raywood Claret Ash
 Fraxinus Raywood 'Claret Ash'. This Ash is a fine-textured, deciduous tree which is ca..
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Tristaniopsis laurina Luscious
'Luscious'; features larger, shinier leaves almost double the size of the common Tristaniopsis la..
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Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer
Very popular evergreen native climber, groundcover plant.  Bright, vibrant purple pea flower..
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Dichondra Silver Falls
Silver foliaged, shade loving or full sun. Grows to 1.5 mt wide.  Ideal for hanging baskets...
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Pennisetum Alopecuroides Swamp Foxtail
A hardy clumping grass with narrow arching leaves. Produces large, feathery plumes from summer to..
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Dianella King Alfred
King Alfred has unique blue green foliage that is dense and compact. Its flowers extend up to one..
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Uncinia Belinda's Find
Belinda's Find is a stunning new dwarf foliage plant with cherry margins on bronze strappy leaves..
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Prunus nigra Fastigiata
Prunus nigra Fastigiata ;This tree provides year-round colour. In spring, masses of single pink b..
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Betula Pendula Alba, Silver Birch
A medium graceful deciduous tree with a superb white trunk growing to 10mt. This tree is commonly..
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Azalea Shiraz
A very hardy, compact, bushy Azalea with dramatic foliage colour and single wine red blooms in sp..
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Acacia Dazzler
Acacia Dazzler is yet another new release form of the dwarf Acacia cognata. Unlike some of th..
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Dianella Tasman flax lily
A wide foliaged clump grass. Very hardy in a range of positions and soil types. Beautiful lush gr..
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Agapanthus baby blue
Strappy foliaged plant with beautiful bell shaped flowers in summer.  Dwarf form growing to ..
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Liriope Amethyst
Amethyst has flowers that sit high above the foliage, unlike most Liriope. The beautiful long las..
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Acer platanoides, Crimson Sentry Maple
'Crimson Sentry' is a hardy, deciduous, tree with a narrow, upright habit, reaching 6mt in h..
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Quercus robur Fastigiata English Oak
'Fastigiata'; A tough, columnar form of English Oak suitable for screening or avenue purposes, pa..
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