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Phormium Surfer Boy
A small growing flax with green and red coloured arching leaves. Flowers are produced in summer. ..
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Platanus orientalis Oriental Plane Tree
'Oriental Plane Tree';  A hardy, drought tolerant, tree suitable for street planting where s..
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Zelkova serrata Kiwi Sunset
Zelkova 'Kiwi Sunset' has a similar upright form with weeping habit to 'Green Vase' but its ..
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Brachychiton Acerifolius, Illawarra Flame Tree
A small to medium sized tree which may reach 30-35 metres in height although it is usually m..
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Lomandra Little Pal
Little Pal is a small, hardy native plant and has narrow, light green leaves. Small flowers grow ..
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Dietes Iridioides Butterfly Iris
Dietes iridiodes has dark green, strappy foliage, which grows in fan-like rosettes. In spring it ..
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Acer Autumn Blaze Maple
This is a medium to large shade tree with ascending branches known for great autumn colour. The t..
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Pyrus calleryana Capital, ornamental pear
'Capital'; A narrow, fastigiate form and possibly the narrowest growing Pyrus cultivar in Austral..
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Brachychiton Bella Pink
This is a small to medium sized shade tree offering glossy green foliage and clusters of salmon p..
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Cordyline Sunset
Grown for its luscious leaves, this broad-leaved cordyline produces foot-long foliage in a beauti..
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Lomandra fine and dandy
Lomandra fine & dandy is a small, hardy native plant and has narrow, light green leaves. Smal..
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Alyogynne Melissa Anne Hibiscus
Fast growing shrub with soft, fine foliage and a profusion of large pink, tulip shaped flowers du..
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Agapanthus orientalis blue
Old Favourite plant for borders or space filling.  Hardy in all soils, long flowering from s..
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Lomandra Seascape
Lomandra Seascape has tussocks of blue grey foliage with a weeping habit.  Fragrant yellow f..
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Cordyline australis Pink Dazzler
  Pink Dazzler is very hardy and will tolerate dry and frosty conditions. The leave..
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Syzygium australe Aussie Southern lilly pilly
'Aussie Southern'; A compact lilly pilly ideal for screens and hedges as it can be shaped. Foliag..
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Hardenbergia Mini Haha
A more compact form of Hardenbergia violacae. A hardy climber or groundcover with purple pea styl..
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Ribes x culverwellii (Jostaberry) is a Shrub which grows to a height of 1.8m . Jostaberry will fl..
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Syzygium australe Bush Christmas lilly pilly
Growing to approx. 1.2-1.5mt high x 1mt wide, Bush Christmas is ideal for shaping or a dense hedg..
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Cordyline australis Cabernett
Stunning semi upright, weeping, cabernet wine coloured foliage in drooping pinnacles. Drought tol..
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Phormium tenax Anna Red Flax
A striking accent plant which grows to a height of 1.2m. Clumps of pointed strking red foliage. ..
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Platanus orientalis Digitata Cut Leaf Plane Tree
'Cut Leaf Plane Tree'; Very large shade tree. Used as street trees due to their ability to tolera..
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Ficus hillii Standard Ficus
Ficus makes an excellent standard as it is evergreen and tough in winds and hot weather. Can stay..
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Casuarina glauca, Cousin It
This is potentially the most useful ground cover you will ever use. This tough plant will cover u..
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Dianella Paroo Lilly
Dianella caerulea, commonly known as the Blue flax-lily or paroo lily, is found across the ea..
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