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Lomandra Nyalla
An improved semi-compact fine leaf blue grey form of the popular Lomandra longifolia. Nyalla is 2..
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Dianella Seaspray
Blue-grey strappy foliaged evergreen plant. Clusters of pale blue –white star shaped flowers in s..
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Acmena smithii, Lilly Pilly
Evergreen large shrub that grows to approx 6-8 metres. Fantastic fast growing screening plant. Sh..
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Syzygium australe Bush Christmas lilly pilly
Growing to approx. 1.2-1.5mt high x 1mt wide, Bush Christmas is ideal for shaping or a dense hedg..
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Cordyline australis Cabernett
Stunning semi upright, weeping, cabernet wine coloured foliage in drooping pinnacles. Drought tol..
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Phormium tenax Anna Red Flax
A striking accent plant which grows to a height of 1.2m. Clumps of pointed strking red foliage. ..
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Platanus orientalis Digitata Cut Leaf Plane Tree
'Cut Leaf Plane Tree'; Very large shade tree. Used as street trees due to their ability to tolera..
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Ficus hillii Standard Ficus
Ficus makes an excellent standard as it is evergreen and tough in winds and hot weather. Can stay..
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Loquat, Grafted
Has beautiful downy foliage, fragrant flowers, delicious fruit, and it's easy to grow. The golden..
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Dianella Paroo Lilly
Dianella caerulea, commonly known as the Blue flax-lily or paroo lily, is found across the ea..
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Dietes Iridioides Tiny Dancer
Dietes 'Tiny Dancer' is a clumping plant with narrow, dark green leaves. This is a compact form o..
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Acer japonicum Vitifolium, Full Moon Maple
Acer japonicum is commonly called full moon maple. It is a deciduous, spreading, s..
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Pyrus calleryana Cleveland Select
'Cleveland Select';This tree has fantastic scarlet red Autumn colour. White flowers are present d..
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Brachychiton Jerilderie Red
This cultivar tree can reach 9m tall by 6.5m wide. The canopy is dense. The leaves vary somewhat ..
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Cordyline australis Red Sensation
Cordyline ‘Red Sensation’ is a stylish structural plant that carries year round interest, with it..
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Lomandra Shortscape
Young growth starts blue/grey and eventually maturing to green. Ideal for high traffic areas. Can..
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Phormium Flax Apricot Queen
A very hardy, pernennial, clumping plant. Foliage is deep green with apricot stripes. Ideal for p..
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Agapanthus Snowball
A delightful new release agapanthus form, staying low and bushy and true to shape.  Long and..
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Lomandra Confertifolia Silver Grace
This exciting new Lomandra is set apart from its parents by its beautiful weeping silver/grey..
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Fraxinus Excelsior Aurea Golden Ash
Golden Ash. An attractive deciduous tree for all seasons with rounded crown and leaves a yellowis..
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Syzygium australe Big Red
'Big Red'; An outstanding new medium growing Lillypilly with large, glossy leaves. New growth is ..
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Lomandra Wingara
Compact, clumping, ornamental, blue foliage plant. Similar in habit to a tussock grass, but rarel..
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Leptospermum Copper Glow
A rounded shrub that may reach a height of three metres. The stems are reddish and the leave..
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Nandina Blush
Dwarf shrub with lime green foliage turning scarlet red in autumn. Grows best in moist, well drai..
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Cordyline Red Fountain
 Colour, form and habit all go to ensure that this plant is one of the most a..
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