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Lomandra Little Pal
Little Pal is a small, hardy native plant and has narrow, light green leaves. Small flowers grow ..
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Dianella Revoluta Prestige
Prestige grows to about 50 cm in height, and has an ultimate spread of 70cm. It is very cold and ..
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Acer buergerianum, Trident Maple
A small, deciduous tree with oval to rounded canopy and straight trunk. Fea..
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Prunus snofozam Snow Fountain
'Snow Fountains'; A superb weeping cherry that has both spectacular floral and foliage beauty and..
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Ginkgo Biloba Maidenhair Tree
Ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree is a beautiful, slow-growing tree that is tolerant of many urban..
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Cordyline Kirkii
Has green strap foliage and stays low. Often used as underplantings for large cordylines and yucc..
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Liriope Isabella
‘Isabella’ is a fine leaf compact spreading Liriope that has beautiful pink flowers. Ideal for ga..
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Phormium tenax purpurea
Popular landscape plant with deep purple strap like foliage. Ideal for massed plantings or contai..
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Agapanthus orientalis blue
Old Favourite plant for borders or space filling.  Hardy in all soils, long flowering from s..
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Lomandra Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge is a hardy drought tolerant Lomandra variety. The most distinctive feature of Blue Rid..
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Acer rubrum, October Glory Maple
Lustrous, dark green five-lobed leaves with red petioles and a greyish underside. ..
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Robinia pseudoacacia Purple Robe
'Purple Robe'; A tough small tree with an attractive spring display of deep purplish, rose-pink f..
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Fargesia Emperor bamboo
Fargesia bamboo are clump forming and non-invasive, they are regarded as one the hardiest forms o..
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Acmena smithii, Hot Flush, Dwarf Lilly Pilly
Dwarf Lilly Pilly Hot Flush, Evergreen shrub growing up to 1.5mt. Produces white flowers that app..
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Syzygium australe Bush Christmas lilly pilly
Growing to approx. 1.2-1.5mt high x 1mt wide, Bush Christmas is ideal for shaping or a dense hedg..
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Carex Testacea, Orange Sedge
Description: Hardy and colourful clump-forming New Zealand native grass with olive-green to orang..
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Phormium Flax Shiraz
This long lived, hardy plant makes a striking feature in the garden. The foliage is deep red.Good..
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Pistachia chinensis Chinese Pistachio
'Chinese Pistachio';This tree is relatively fast growing to 10m, is easily pruned to a height of ..
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Zelkova serrata Green Vase
 Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’; is an attractive choice for use in parks and private gardens ..
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Brachychiton Acerifolius, Illawarra Flame Tree
A small to medium sized tree which may reach 30-35 metres in height although it is usually m..
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Lomandra Tanika
A beautifully graceful new release form of Lomandra,  Lime green foliage all year round.&nbs..
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Dianella Paroo Lilly
Dianella caerulea, commonly known as the Blue flax-lily or paroo lily, is found across the ea..
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Dianella Revelation
Revelation is a medium sized Dianella revoluta. From a distance, Revelation has blue tones to the..
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Acer campestre, Field Maple
Compact, slow growing small tree with a dense round canopy, and a somewhat corky bark. Small leav..
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Prunus subhirtella Pendula Alba
A delightful small weeping tree providing a prolific early spring display of white flowers before..
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