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Banksia Ericifolia Heath leaved banksia
A medium to large shrub with narrow, linear leaves to about 15 mm long reaching 2.5-3mt tall and ..
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Grevillea Barklyana Gully Grevillea
An evergreen tree or shrub. It grows up to 8 metres in height and flowers between October and Dec..
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Kunzea Ericoides
The Kunzea baxteri grows in an erect nature and flowers in Winter to Spring. It generally tends t..
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Dianella Blue Stream
 Dianella Blue Stream is the perfect size and compact shape for any commercial or residentia..
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Grevillea Superb
Grevillea superb is currently available from onlineplants.   A Superb small shrub with a..
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Dianella Paroo Lilly
Dianella caerulea, commonly known as the Blue flax-lily or paroo lily, is found across the ea..
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Grevillea Pick of the crop
Grevillea pick of the crop is currently available from onlineplants. Ornamenta..
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Anigozanthos Bush Diamond, Kangaroo Paw
Bush Diamond is the first ‘white’ kangaroo paw. Bush Diamond produces white, medium-sized flowers..
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Acacia Flinders Range Wattle
Available at onlineplants. Good small growing wattle with silver/grey narrow foliage. Has a lovel..
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Einadia Nutans
Plants form a blanket on the surface, climbing over logs and up trees to a height of around 1 met..
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Grevillea juniperina Molonglo
Grevillea molonglo is currently available from onlineplants. Ground cover 2 metres spread with fi..
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Melaleuca Green Globe
Fast-growing rounded shrub with cream flowers in spring and summer. Prune to maintain shape. Fros..
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Acmena smithii, Lilly Pilly
Evergreen large shrub that grows to approx 6-8 metres. Fantastic fast growing screening plant. Sh..
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Banksia, Giant Candles
A hybrid of Banksia spiulosa and Banksia ericifolia. It is distinctive for its large orange flowe..
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Acmena smithii Moonlight Flame Lily Pilly
A light easily shaped hedge along pathways or in narrow beds; in containers for patio or balcony...
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Corymbia Eximia
The foliage of Yellow Bloodwood is broad-lanceolate, far broader than found on C. citriodora. It ..
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Corymbia Ficifolia Baby Scarlet
Compact growing with red flowers appearing from Spring through to Summer. Great as a specimen tre..
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Acacia Vestita, Hairy Wattle
A medium to large shrub with a pendulous habit about 3 metres in height by a similar width.&..
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Eucalyptus macrandra Long-flowered Marlock
A tall shrub or small tree that may have either a solitary trunk or multiple stems. The smoo..
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Grevillea Winpara Gem
Grevillea winpara gem is currently available from onlineplants. Attractive upright rounded shrub ..
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Lavender Winter Purple
A variety of the ever popular lavender forming a small, evergreen shrub with aromatic grey-green ..
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Westringia Jervis Gem
Compact and equally hardy form of Westringia. Grows to 1.2mt high and maintains a dense habit wit..
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Grevillea  Deua Flame
Grevillea deua flame is currently available from onlineplants. A terrific new Australian native v..
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Dianella Cassa Blue
Description: Cassa Blue® Dianella is the perfect size and compact shape for any commercial or res..
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Melaleuca Laterita, Robin Redbreast
Melaleuca laterita has orange/red bottlebrush type flowers seen mainly during summer. The flowers..
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