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Escallonia Pink Pixie
Low growing compact shrub. Excellent for hedges, beautiful rich pink flowers in spring and summer..
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Lavender Dentata Royal Crown
Improved form of the ever popular French lavender. Disease resistant, long flowering through spri..
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Agapanthus orientalis, Queen Mum
Queen Mum™ is a new Agapanthus with extra large dual coloured white and blue flower heads. These ..
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Acacia Longifolia, Sydney Golden Wattle
Acacia Longifolia 'Sallow or Sydney Golden Wattle' -  a fast growing native shrub or small t..
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Grevillea tickled pink is currently available from onlineplants. A small growing evergreen shrub ..
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Anigozanthos Flavidus Red, Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos flavidus Red is an attractive kangaroo paw, featuring large strappy leaves. It is an..
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Eucalyptus Viminalis, Manna/Ribbon Gum
It is a straight erect tree, often around 40 metres tall, with rough bark on the trunk and base o..
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Kunzea Ambigua Prostrate Form
A small shrub. Some forms have a lower, weeping habit. The leaves are narrow, linear in shap..
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Olea Olive Correggiola
Olea europaea Correggiola is an evergreen tree with greyish foliage and a graceful, billowing app..
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Dianella Cherry Red
This drought and frost tolerant plant finally gives designer gardens a native flax that changes c..
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Myoporum Parvifolium fine leaf white
A fast growing Australian native ground cover. Flowering during spring and summer this hardy pros..
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Grevillea Scarlet Sprite
Grevillea scarlet sprite is currently available from onlineplants. A prickly grevillea with narro..
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Dianella Revelation
Revelation is a medium sized Dianella revoluta. From a distance, Revelation has blue tones to the..
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Agapanthus Baby Pete
Agapanthus Baby Pete" is a superior new dwarf form of Agapanthus. A major feature is that A.'Baby..
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Acacia boormanii, Snowy River Wattle,
Flowers profusely in spring showing masses of bright yellow flowers. It\'s a medium size shrub gr..
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Beaufortia Sparsa, Swamp Bottlebrush
Colourful bottlebrush or globular-shaped flower clusters being attractive to birds. The species s..
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Grevillea Hookeriana
Usually a medium shrub which can reach 2.5 metres high by a similar width. The leaves are up to 1..
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Melaleuca Diosmifolia
A dense shrub that will reach a height of three metres. The leaves are spirally arranged, el..
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Grevillea lanigera Mt. Tamboritha
Grevillea lanigera is currently available from onlineplants. A delightful native prostrate plant ..
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Acacia Mini Cog
Available at onlineplants. A darker foliaged form of the new realase cognata" range.  Deligh..
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Lomandra Confertifolia Silver Grace
This exciting new Lomandra is set apart from its parents by its beautiful weeping silver/grey..
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Dianella Little Rev
Dianella Little Rev is very hardy exhibiting excellent drought and frost tolerance a unique look ..
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Acacia Pycnantha, Golden Wattle
A shrub or small tree 5-8 metres high. The bright yellow flowers occur in the axils of the p..
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Eucalyptus (Corymbia) ficifolia Red Flowering Gum
The red flowering gum is one of the most widely cultivated of all eucalypts both in Australia and..
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Grevillea Poorinda Elegans
Leaves are a bright shiny green on upper surface, but covered with dense silky hairs on underside..
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