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Escallonia Iveyi
Full, fast growing hedge that is extremely attractive and easy to grow. Masses of white flowers o..
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Photinia super hedge
This vigorous quick growing Photinia produces a dense bushy habit with new growth of rich burgund..
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Eucalyptus Honey Pots
Slender clean single trunked small tree ogrowing to a height of 4-5mt and 2-3mt wide. Frost T..
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Grevillea Gold Rush
Bright clusters of golden yellow flowers with a distinct red style borne throughout spring and su..
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Grevillea Strawberry Smoothie
Large attractive creamy pink flowers borne in Winter and Spring. A compact growing Grevillea whic..
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Dianella Gangbusters
Gangbusters is a fast growing, vigorous flax like clumping native. With attractive arching, weepi..
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Eucalyptus polyanthemos Red Box
Tree to 20 m high; bark smooth or persistent on lower trunk to full trunk and larger branches, gr..
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Cycad revoluta Sago palm
Stunning feature plant for its striking foliage colour and shape. It sits well with modern Austra..
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Eucalyptus Little Star
Little Star is a small tree or mallee growing to a height of 3-7 metres & a width of 2-3 metr..
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Grevillea Jelly Baby
Grevillea jelly baby is currently available from onlineplants. A small evergreen prostrate shrub ..
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Grevillea rhyolitica Inferno
Grevillea Inferno is a small to medium shrub and available from onlineplants it grows to about 1...
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