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Grevillea Gingin Gem
Grevillea gin gin gem is currently available from onlineplants. A delightful prostrate shrub with..
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Melaleuca Wilsonii
A low, spreading shrub to about 1.5 metres high by 2 metres across. The flowers occur on the olde..
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Lechenaultia Midnight Blue
Best grown in well drained soil and sunny position. Vibrant flowers make a wonderful addition to ..
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Escallonia Pink Pixie
Low growing compact shrub. Excellent for hedges, beautiful rich pink flowers in spring and summer..
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Lavender Dentata Royal Crown
Improved form of the ever popular French lavender. Disease resistant, long flowering through spri..
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Agapanthus orientalis, Queen Mum
Queen Mum™ is a new Agapanthus with extra large dual coloured white and blue flower heads. These ..
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Acacia Longifolia, Sydney Golden Wattle
Acacia Longifolia 'Sallow or Sydney Golden Wattle' -  a fast growing native shrub or small t..
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Grevillea Sea Spray
Grevillea sea spray is currently available from onlineplants. Has interesting soft grey fol..
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Anigozanthos Yellow Gem, Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos Yellow Gem is one of the pulcherrimus hybrids. it is a clumping plant with leaves 25..
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Eucalyptus pulchella White Peppermint
Eucalyptus pulchella is a small to medium tree. The bark is smooth white, pale yellowish or greyi..
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Juncus Flavidus
A tough, native Australian perennial rush grass with hollow, grey-green foliage and a dense,..
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Corymbia Maculata, Spotted Gum
Develops into a medium to tall tree to about 30 metres high. Leaves are the typical lance shape s..
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Myoporum Parvifolium fine leaf white
A fast growing Australian native ground cover. Flowering during spring and summer this hardy pros..
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Grevillea Scarlet Sprite
Grevillea scarlet sprite is currently available from onlineplants. A prickly grevillea with narro..
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Dianella Revelation
Revelation is a medium sized Dianella revoluta. From a distance, Revelation has blue tones to the..
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Agapanthus Baby Pete
Agapanthus Baby Pete" is a superior new dwarf form of Agapanthus. A major feature is that A.'Baby..
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Acacia  Cootamundra wattle
Available at onlineplants.  The plant has smooth, greyish brown bark. The bright yellow flow..
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Banksia Serrata Saw Banksia
Normally a tree which may reach 15 metres in height in favourable conditions. Sometimes it is muc..
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Grevillea Copper Crest
An evergreen low spreading groundcover. Copper coloured foliage with pink flowers appearing throu..
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Leptospermum Obovatum
Erect shrub to 3 m high by 1.5 m across with obovate leaves to 1.2 cm. Flowers are white, to 1 cm..
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Grevillea Gold Digger
Grevillea Gold Digger is covered in masses of spectacular coppery-orange brush-like flowers that ..
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Grevillea Strawberries and Cream
Grevillea strawberrys and cream is currently available from onlineplants. A spectacular small tre..
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Dianella Emerald Fountain
An ornamental flax lily, Emerald Fountain flowers in spring, with a great showing of blue and yel..
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Escallonia Iveyi
Full, fast growing hedge that is extremely attractive and easy to grow. Masses of white flowers o..
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Photinia super hedge
This vigorous quick growing Photinia produces a dense bushy habit with new growth of rich burgund..
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