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Callistemon White Anzac
A small shrub to 1m.This cultivar is a sprawling shrub to 1m tall by up to 3m across. The leaves ..
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Agapanthus Snowball
A delightful new release agapanthus form, staying low and bushy and true to shape.  Long and..
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Casuarina Littoralis, Black She-Oak
 Allocasuarina Littoralis - Black Sheoak. This is one of the smaller Sheoaks growing to arou..
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Corymbia Ficifolia Baby Scarlet
Compact growing with red flowers appearing from Spring through to Summer. Great as a specimen tre..
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Acacia Vestita, Hairy Wattle
A medium to large shrub with a pendulous habit about 3 metres in height by a similar width.&..
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Eucalyptus nicholii Peppermint Gum
Eucalyptus nicholii is a medium to large Australian native tree with fine, strongly scented grey-..
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Hakea Laurina, Pin Cushion
An erect or spreading shrub that grows to 6 metresl; sometimes reaching small tree proportions. H..
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Citrus Tree Tahitian Lime
The small to medium fruit is pale lemon-yellow with smooth thin skin. The flesh is a translucent ..
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Westringia Wynyabbie Gem
Very hardy native with pale purple flowers throughout the year. Tolerates dry conditions. Can be ..
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Myoporum Viscosum
Evergreen native shrub, very hardy with rounded foliage and tiny white flowers in spring and summ..
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Dianella Breeze
Free flowing dark green foliage with quite exquisite sprays of soft blue flowers in spring, follo..
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Agapanthus Sea Spray
Agapanthus Sea Spray is a large growing shrub that flowers (white) prolifically. It has green fol..
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Mesembryanthemum Pigface Pete's Red
The Pigface has a compact low growing habit. The leaves are thick, grey/green and triangular. The..
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Banksia Ericifolia Dwarf, Heath Leaved Banksia
A small to medium shrub with narrow, linear leaves. The flower spikes are and usually o..
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Grevillea Canterbury Gold
Low growing hardy spreading grevillea with grey-green leaves and yellow spider flowers appearing ..
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Leptospermum Laevigatum
Tall, bushy shrub or small, twisted tree, to 6 m. Leaves are grey-green, obovate, to 2 cm. Flower..
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Grevillea Superb
Grevillea superb is currently available from onlineplants.   A Superb small shrub with a..
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Dianella Paroo Lilly
Dianella caerulea, commonly known as the Blue flax-lily or paroo lily, is found across the ea..
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Grevillea Pick of the crop
Grevillea pick of the crop is currently available from onlineplants. Ornamenta..
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Anigozanthos Bush Diamond, Kangaroo Paw
Bush Diamond is the first ‘white’ kangaroo paw. Bush Diamond produces white, medium-sized flowers..
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Acacia Mearnsii, Black wattle
A small to medium sized tree that grows up to 6-15m tall. Flowers pale yellow or cream, globular ..
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Eremophila Maculata Red
Long flowering ..
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Grevillea Murray Valley Queen
Grevillea murray valley queen is currently available from onlineplants. A very ornamental olive g..
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Melaleuca Styphelioides
A tall upright shrub or tree with papery white or light brown bark that peels off in large s..
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Banksia, Giant Candles
A hybrid of Banksia spiulosa and Banksia ericifolia. It is distinctive for its large orange flowe..
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