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Grevillea Copper Crest
An evergreen low spreading groundcover. Copper coloured foliage with pink flowers appearing throu..
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Melaleuca Lanceolata
A dense shrub or small tree growing to about 8m. The bark is rough and hard. Young branchlet..
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Clematis Arabella
The heavy-flowering ‘Arabella’ produces many violet blue flowers in late summer to early fall. As..
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Grevillea Lollypops
Grevillea lollypops is currently available from onlineplants. This grevillea has numerous deep pi..
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Leptospermum Starry Night
A fantastic hybrid growing to 3m with burgundy leaves and white star flowers occuring in Spr..
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Clematis Jackmanii
Easily grown in fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Clematis g..
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Anigozanthus Bush Inferno
Bush Inferno produces masses of large, fiery red flowers on a naturally compact & bushy plant..
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Grevillea Loopy Lou
Grevillea loopy lou is currently available from onlineplants. Grevillea Loopy Lou is a small shru..
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Araucaria Heterophylla, Norfolk Island Pine
Araucaria Heterophylla, Norfolk Island Pine, The trees can be well-suited to lawned areas because..
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Escallonia Iveyi
Full, fast growing hedge that is extremely attractive and easy to grow. Masses of white flowers o..
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Anigozanthus Bush Ballad
Bush Ballad produces dozens of flowering branches, displaying a profusion of bright red flowers t..
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Grevillea Mallee Dawn
Evergreen Native Shrub Grevillea Mallee Dawn flowers in spring and autumn with soft apricot flowe..
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Lavender Dentata French Lavender
Lavender Dentata (French Lavender) has grey green foliage with a  beautiful serrated edge. &..
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Grevillea Billy Bonkers
Grevillea Billy Bonkers is a hybrid grevillea. It is a low growing plant with bright green foliag..
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Carpobrotus giant pig face
 Beautiful ground cover with extra large pink showy flowers is very adept at handling heavy ..
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Grevillea New Vintage
Grevillea new vintage is currently available from onlineplants. A small prostrate evergreen ..
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Grevillea Covergirl
Grevillea Covergirl, Australian native. Long flowering and bird attracting. The finely di..
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Grevillea peaches and cream is currently available from onlineplants. It is a shrub that grows to..
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Grevillea Ellendale
Spectacular sprawling ground-cover shrub with soft, finely divided foliage and showy clusters of ..
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Grevillea Pink Midget
Grevillea pink midget is a low spreading dense plant with long narrow lanceolate shaped leaves ab..
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Grevillea Fairy Floss
Small, suckering shrub with very fine leaves and pale mauve spider cluster flowers. Height to 0.5..
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Grevillea Red Hooks
Grevillea red hooks is currently available from onlineplants.  It is a shrub that grows to 2..
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Grevillea Gold Digger
Grevillea Gold Digger is covered in masses of spectacular coppery-orange brush-like flowers that ..
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Grevillea Strawberries and Cream
Grevillea strawberrys and cream is currently available from onlineplants. A spectacular small tre..
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Callistemon Summer Day
Small arching late and free flowering shrub Small Shrub reaching 60-100cm Frost Tolerant plan..
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